Gaza Terrorists Warn Locals: 'CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS IS EVIL' - Granite Grok

Gaza Terrorists Warn Locals: ‘CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS IS EVIL’

Terrorists Threaten Christians in Gaza

Muslim strongholds in the Middle East have been cleansing their land of Christians for years. The Gaza Strip is no exception. 

A flyer featuring a burning Christmas tree and threats in Arabic forbidding the celebration of Christmas was published by the Al-Nasser Salah al-Deen Brigades, also known as the Specialty Brigade, in Gaza ahead of the Christian holiday.

A verse from the Quran, quoted on the left side of the flyer, warns Muslims “not to go the way of the Jews and the Christians, indeed God is not for the evil people.” The brigades added that it is “absolutely forbidden” to celebrate the holidays in any capacity.

And you thought the Social Justice Left-wingers were bad.

Jerusalem Post