French “Working Class” Protesters Win – No Fuel Tax Increases in Next Budget


France announced tax hikes on fuel and utilities. Protesters organized and blocked roads. Their numbers grow. Things get messy. Fires. Riots, people die. The French Prime Minister announces that there will be a 6-month delay to work it all out. The protesters said it isn’t enough. They keep up the pressure. One day later the Hikes are off the table.

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President Emmanuel Macron’s government is dropping further fuel-tax hikes in next year’s budget in the face of protests across France over living costs, his prime minister said on Wednesday, a day after announcing their suspension for six months

Interestingly enough, Macron has been labeled as the President of the Rich. An interesting sentiment. One that applies globally to the elitist fantasy of Global Warming.

Mark Steyn cuts to the chase.

[Steyn] said that wealthy people can afford to pay the equivalent of six or seven U.S. dollars for a gallon of gasoline, but everyday folks in rural France — where cars and trucks are a necessity — cannot, hence the “climate change riots.”

“You can afford it if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’re like a French guy living in the countryside, you have to drive to work, you cannot afford seven bucks a gallon gas just because [French President Emanuel] Macron wants to have a gala dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and the Prince of Wales. It works at that level. It doesn’t work for regular people.”

Who Really Pays

The entire government-tax-to-fend-off-global-warming exercise is an amplification of progressive policy. If the government must do everything (it must), then someone has to pay for that. They claim everyone. Fair share. It’s for the people. But this class warfare rhetoric doesn’t work in real terms. The truly rich are entirely unaffected. Politicians become richer. The people they promised to better through wealth redistribution inevitably become less well off. And the cost of that arrangement only grows.

The people whose lives improve are the ruling class. Everyone else suffers.

The Constitutional Republican tried to change all that. Make it possible for anyone to climb whatever ladder they chose. It’s messy. Not everyone participates. But it has lifted more people out of poverty than any other experiment in history.

Thanks to the ruling class monopoly on education in America, too many don’t know this or will soon forget. All they know is the rhetoric of an elite political class that has trained them to give away their freedom for the privilege of being ruled. And to accelerate the march toward this future they block roads, set fires, riot, and suppress dissent.

Advocating for fewer freedoms and higher taxes.

Macron must be doing it wrong.