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Supporters of Dems Running to Raise Taxes in Denial When We Report Dems Voted to Raise Taxes


We boosted our video showing the years and bill numbers of Democrat votes from 2011 to 2018 to raise taxes in New Hampshire. The results of that boost have been amusing.

We have ‘Democrats,’ I assume, claiming this expression is some sort of fraud. That we made it up. We didn’t. The bill numbers and years are indicated in the video. It’s a matter of public record. But so, what?

New Hampshire Democrats are running for office on 2018 promising to make taxes go up. That’s no secret. They say will they vote to raise taxes. But we still have Democrats denying that Democrats voted to raise taxes?

And it’s not just that video. The video showing bill numbers for votes cast by Democrats to make taxpayers pay for other people’s sex change operations…same problem. “Don’t be fooled.” Fooled by what? 97% of elected Democrats voting on the legislation indicated chose to spend taxpayer dollars on other people’s sex change operations.

Again, it is a matter of public record. Not open to debate. Democrats did it, proudly (pun-intended).

Cognitive Dissonance

They choose to ignore reality. They dispute factual claims of public record to convince others. And then blindly support anyone with a (D) after their name, even when they are domestic abusers with self-admitted anger issues like Democrat State Sen. Jeff Woodburn.

Before you lose your mind, lefties, that cannot be said of GraniteGrok. We get just as much crap (if not more) from Republicans complaining about how often we hold their feet to the fire. There’s no blind allegiance to the party coming from this media outlet.

Though I confess, the threat represented by the violent politics of the new-left in this mid-term has encouraged us to keep our aim more direct in these mid-terms. While the tolerance for groups like Antifa is unsettling the chaos of the Kavanaugh confirmation made it clear that no matter what, we needed to try to keep as many Democrats out of office this November as possible. That meant supporting Republicans, period.

Should the much alluded too blue wave fail to rise, or if it is somehow overcome by a red wave, we will be doubly critical of what they do with that power. Relentless, even. But we’re not there yet.

And we must be prepared.

Should the left suffer as they did in 2016 the sorts of people as disconnected from reality as these Democrats will not take losing (again) well. Hillary Clinton is already making excuses for them when she says there will be no civility if they lose. And Nancy Pelosi has warned us that there will be no civility for those who disagree with Democrats if they win.

Given those choices, I say make sure Democrats lose.

An angry child with no power is much easier to deal with than one who has it.

Make sure you bring someone with you to vote Republican on Tuesday. The entire Republican ticket. Just do it.

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