“Freedom from…” is only a phrase that leads to Bigger and more Totalitarian Government

Sidenote: In the image above, what is the difference between that “Soviet Perspective” and what we see from SJWs, eco-socialists, and Progressives?

A tactic with most vote pandering politicians will use – “vote for me and I will give you something FREE”.  Lately, what has been added to it has been “vote for me and I will punish your enemies” (re: US Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) who has promised to her followers to punish banks when she assumes the Chair of the House Finance Committee “for what they did to us”).  Instead of the negative Rights constricting the Federal Government in what it can do, and thereby providing the most fertile soil for us to have maximal amount of Individual Liberty, Progressive President FDR typified the complete rejection of this philosophy with his Second Bill of Rights, what Government SHOULD do for you. It got him elected and he grew the Feds reach and actions – and didn’t fulfill his Second Bill.  Instead, it just became a bill – for us to pay taxes.

Freedom From Speech – the subject of this latest vignette from Prager University goes into this subject:

“Freedom from Speech” – an on ramp not FOR Individual Liberty but efforts to quell such activity.  As Greg mentions in the clip, often this is happening on public Universities – part of Government at some level.  Speech denied is freedom removed.  Topics taught to be avoided is  mind censorship.  Once you cannot talk freely, the cage of totalitarianism starts to shrink your space, your mind, your actions, and your ability to choose for oneself.

All because of the notion that “Freedom from…” is a public good instead of the evil it actually is. But it never is perceived that way, at least at the surface level. It isn’t until later when one realizes the harm it causes – if such realization even happens.

(H/T: RedState on a post about the NYT finding out how Facebook is throttling speech that our “moral betters” believe we should not speak).