Data Point: How to "correct" the Income Inequality between the US and the rest of the world? - Granite Grok

Data Point: How to “correct” the Income Inequality between the US and the rest of the world?

After all, when you consider the basis point of not just “99% vs the 1%” in the US (as the Marxist / SJWs complain, who want to use Government to “equalize” everyone and thing) but instead, judge the world against the US, we ARE the 1% of the world and the rest of the world hates it and thinks, like American SJWs, that we “stole” all that wealth. So, how to “level” that field?

As has been said before “make us all serfs again”.  DC Whispers has an interesting take on this (emphasis mine, reformatted slightly); I add the Progressive doxology “from whom all blessings flow?”:

…The “Before Obama” and “After Obama” figures make clear how the millennials were targeted for what has to rank as one of the most damaging bait and switch frauds in human history. Feed them easy money for college courses that have no application in the real world, give them a near-worthless piece of paper at the end, and charge them tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for being victims of the scam.

During the Obama years student loan debt increased by nearly 300%.  As president Obama quickly moved to federalize the entirety of the student loan program and then threw deficit-spending money into it at a rate never before seen. The results were as predictable as they were damaging. Young adults took the easy money, spent it, took some more, and in the end, found themselves burdened by crushing debt which left them totally beholden to the payback whims of the federal government. And don’t forget, what Barack Obama did for student loans he also did for credit card and auto loans. More and more easy government money targeting millennials.

In short, it was the calculated enslavement of nearly an entire generation of Americans….

“Choking the entire system.”

THAT has been the plan all along. The election of Hillary Clinton was meant to finalize that process. Then Trump happened and the globalist table was nearly turned over. Nearly—but not quite.

The Federal Reserve initiated an unusually aggressive series of interest rate hikes that didn’t just tap the brakes on the zooming Trump economy but brought it to a screeching halt. Think about that. The economy is poised to stall, perhaps drop into a recession, and interest rates will then also be higher. The student debt bomb will be that much more debilitating to say nothing of the national debt, entitlements, etc.

You couldn’t have thrown a bigger or more effective monkey wrench into the American system than student debt all by “We’re from the Government and we’re here to help”.  Question is in hind sight: help WHO?  Students with Feminist and gender studies whose only career path is a job in academia in perpetuating their nonsense of “I’m mad at the world so screw you males”? And then you wonder why the Millennials aren’t buying cars, homes, and are settling for tiny houses and micro-apartments because they willingly put themselves into penury thinking that ANY degree was a path to Middle Class (and ended up with “want fries with”….oh, never mind – the automated kiosks are asking that question now).

Go read the whole thing – it does make for depressing reason when you move from the obvious to what is going on behind the scenes and a sense of why.

(H/T: DC Whispers)