Today’s Democrat Leaders Reject Policies that Benefit Americans

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Today’s Democrat leaders have vastly different objectives from the Democrat friends of my youth.  They don’t seem to care about Americans and they have inspired radical anti-American Marxist followers.  Have the principles of current Democrats changed so much from those of my youth?

In my youth in Illinois, Americans were patriotic, anti-Communist, and worked for better futures for their children; we wanted all Americans to be safe, free, and prosperous.  The Southern Democrat mistreatment of African-Americans repulsed us all.  Republicans and Democrats only disagreed on the best policies for improving the American people’s lives.

Today’s Democrat leaders don’t compete for voters by offering better solutions for making Americans safer, freer, and more prosperous; they buy votes by promising people “free stuff” and by keeping people dependent on government hand-outs.

Democrats’ high taxes, excessive regulations, and bureaucratic delays destroyed millions of good jobs, depriving millions of people of their opportunities to prosper.  Democrats reward consistently bad schools rather than ensuring that each child gets a decent education and preparation for a prosperous future.  Democrat policies drive poor families apart and lock them in dependency.

In the past, Democrat leaders like Presidents Obama and Clinton, and Senators Schumer and Reid described how illegal aliens harm Americans, e.g., depress wages, take jobs, commit crime, sell drugs, create a $134+ billion tax burden, etc.  Current Democrat leaders promote and defend illegal immigration; they even create sanctuary cities which protect criminal illegal aliens from deportation and allow them to continue preying on Americans.

In my youth it was obvious that Socialism/Communism are bad; those governments sent millions to gulags and shot people trying to escape to freedom.

Today’s Democrat leaders adore and are soft on Socialist/Communist despots. Democrat leaders champion “Democratic Socialism”, but they can’t distinguish it from the Socialism we know that harms most people every time it’s tried.

Because of our Constitution, capitalism, and the rule of law, our country is the world’s most successful, peaceful, and prosperous heterogeneous society.  Our Country strives to offer opportunities, freedoms, and equal treatment to all citizens; we are the world’s most generous society, and we are a force for stability and goodness in the world.

In their lust for power Democrat leaders undermine the foundations of our wonderful society and of the American people’s freedoms, security, and prosperity.

By eliminating many Democrat imposed shackles on our economy and our people, Republicans enabled great economic growth which offers good jobs, more freedoms, better wages, and more opportunities for millions of Americans.  Black and Hispanic unemployment are at historic lows.  There are more job openings than unemployed people.  Americans can resume pursuing their American dreams.

Everyone who wants to continue enabling all Americans to be freer, safer, and more prosperous should vote for Republicans.