So, WMUR ran this now debunked "Mom and two kids in diapers at the border" picture - Granite Grok

So, WMUR ran this now debunked “Mom and two kids in diapers at the border” picture

Illegals storming US Border

Ask yourself – what loving mother is gonna put her babies into such a dangerous situation, after being “penniless” and walking 2880 miles to end up in a “spontaneous” picture where 500 hard core, mostly male, illegal aliens trying to break into the US AFTER being warned that the border will be defended? And now are being deported by Mexico back to their home countries?  Shades of the  Israel / Gaza Strip border as the Palestinians Antifa movement has a history of staged pictures, videos, and Narrative.

And WMUR has led with the story, with this now discredited pic, during their 5pm, 6pm, and 11pm newscasts last nite.  Yeah, layers upon layers of fact checkers and editor at this Hearst outlet. News or Narrative?  “As it happens” or propaganda?  Proving the ideological bent of most newsrooms around the country don’t swing Right but have no problems with Open Borders.

Sidenote: as much as the UL has been creeping leftward, is anyone beside me thinking WMUR is sprinting in that direction the last couple of years??

And there’s more!

It is apparent that there is a “Narrative” going on from the Left trying to portray the caravan as just an imaginary thing that doesn’t exist, as just “migrants fleeing violence”, and just looking for a better life. They show young children and babies – and not that the masses of illegal immigrants are made of up of, as we saw in Europe, mostly military age males.  The Left dismisses the idea that these caravans are anything other than what they seem – yet we watched the “military aged males” storm the ports of entry from Honduras into Guatelama and then again into Mexico.

Law abiding?  I think not.  If they are willing to do this, and there are those among that have already broken our laws and have been deported and are trying again to breach our borders (some, multiple times), why would we want to allow them in? And still proudly waving the flags of their homelands even as they DEMAND entry into ours.

I think this brief video, overlaying the CNN “it’s all about ME!” news journalist, Jim Acosta, accosting President Trump’s assertions overlaying what these folks, those that decided to bum rush our border

And actually, the real question is why does the Left give them a pass? Why is it that they refuse to acknowledge these illegal immigrants’ agency to both cause and put themselves into harm’s with with babies and young’uns in diapers even as they call people like us “Extremists” for simply stating that we want our laws followed?

Shades of the Israel and Gaza Strip border where, multiple times, stories, videos, and pictures have been staged to elicit “sympathy” for their plight from the Western journalists.

(H/T: Daily Wire)