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Notable Quote – Eammon Butler


Peter Berger’s The Capitalist Revolution (1986) shows how capitalism’s features – property, capital goods, free markets, automatic asset allocation and a predictable legal system – make it well suited to promote efficiency and progress. It offers a refuge from political power, unlike socialism, which has to be imposed by force – and the grander the vision, the more despotic the rule must be. But capitalism is plagued by viruses, such as the intellectuals whom it creates but who also oppose it, and the interest groups who lobby for legal privileges.

-Eammon Butler ( An Introduction to Capitalism)

That is, as long as Capitalism doesn’t devolved into Crony Capitalism which is easier as Government becomes larger and larger. In fact, Government, for all of the politician and bureaucratic public cries to the opposite, like Crony Capitalism that distrupts, devolves, and destroys the Free Marketplace. But that’s what we have “intellectuals” for that cry “marketplace failure – we must have GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING when often, it should do nothing.