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MI6 Pleads with Trump: Don’t Declassify “Collusion” Docs

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British Intelligence was in on the plot to spy on Trump (and cover it up with the Collusion narrative). That’s been clear for some time. The one thing that might disprove that is declassification of the documents relating to the FISA warrants. The interviews that lead to the spying. But MI6 doesn’t want them declassified.

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They claim that releasing these documents could undermine intelligence gathering.  That’s the excuse Congressional Democrats and the Media have been selling since mid-summer. Which, if you have forgotten, was a 180-degree turn from their previous claim.

Declassify, Wait – Scratch That

When portions of the FISA were declassified earlier in the year, it was not the coup the Left wanted. It was not favorable to the media collusion narrative at all. The Left’s defense for this was that the most damning proof was still concealed under the redactions that were no declassified.

Until they weren’t.

Democrats have been demanding transparency. When the recent FISA application was released with redactions at least a few of them are said to have claimed that there were more damning details under those redactions.

I guess that’s true.

When Mr. Trump approved the declassification of some of those documents last week, Congressional Democrats lined up to stop it.

It was actually the Brits and Aussies who begged Trump to hold off. Yes, Austrailia has an unflattering role in this as well. But Mr. Trump is reconsidering declassification, and it’s not going to go well for British Intelligence.

[The Telegraph’s Ben] Riley-Smith included one lone source, one of Trump’s former advisors, who said: “You know the Brits are up to their neck.” And regarding the FISA Court application, he said “I think that stuff is going to implicate MI5 and MI6 in a bunch of activities they don’t want to be implicated in, along with FBI, counter-terrorism and the CIA.”

Trump has Leverage

Trump and any advisors with clearance have seen the unredacted documents. So have high-ranking congressional Democrats. And they Democrats will do damn near anything to keep them from coming out. And it has nothing to do with security, secrecy, or undermining intelligence. These are the same folks who have been leaking secret information to the press for more than two years – when it favors their narrative.

Democrats and the media barely noticed then buried the story about Dianne Feinstein having a Chinese mole as a driver for a few decades. They never cared about the Chinese Government hacking everything that ever passed through Secretary of State Clinton’s illegal unsecured email server in real time

Intelligence and methods? Secrecy and Security? Coming from Democrats? Seriously? They’d sell the store for a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation or their own political campaigns. So, that’s crap.

The reality is that Trump knows it’s bad for them and that means leverage.  The Art of the Deal tells us that if there is something that is good for America or its interests that can come out of using that leverage, this President is willing to work that angle. Even when declassification could end the investigations the narratives and the real collusion against himself. Mr. Trump sees more opportunity in letting that stew than in ending the charade.

How many Politicians would do that instead of simply saving their own skins? Not many.

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