Was Dem Sen. Jeff Woodburn's 'Accuser' Trying to Make Him do the Laundry? - Granite Grok

Was Dem Sen. Jeff Woodburn’s ‘Accuser’ Trying to Make Him do the Laundry?


Not that long ago the Democrat Mayor of Berlin, New Hampshire announced that the domestic abuse survivor of State Sen. Jeff Woodburn was not his female victim. It was Jeff Woodburn, the accused.

If only Woodburn were a nominee for the Supreme court, eh? We’d see buttons that say I believe “insert name here.” But the cabal of political insiders we’ve been discussing do not think so. Their champion is not the woman; it’s the great big, white guy who outweighs his alleged victim by 100 pounds and wait until you hear the latest.

Mr. Woodburn has been charged with nine counts of domestic abuse over the course of an entire year. He is alleged to have kicked in the door to her house and destroyed her dryer. The fawning north country Woodburn apparatchiks are claiming it was all self-defense.

Against what, doing laundry?

We are meant to believe that the object throwing, biting, and destruction of private property (including an innocent dryer and the victim’s front door) were reactions to attacks upon the person of Jeff Woodburn?

I’d say what’s next, “call Jeff Woodburn the actual victim here” but as I said earlier, we already crossed that bridge.

Believing Woodburn’s accuser might not potentially reshape the course of politics for a generation but it’s okay for Democrats to accept a woman’s #MeToo story for something other than advantageous political purposes.

David Starr is running for the job from which Woodburn should have resigned.

If you vote for David, (or just refuse to vote for Jeff) you can help “Retire” Sen. Woodburn.

Think of it as an act of self-defense for Woodburn’s victim.