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Jeff ‘Awaiting Trial for Domestic Abuse’ Woodburn Deletes Serious Questions about North Country

Jeff Woodburn is currently awaiting trial on charges that he abused his girlfriend over a period of time. Of course, Woodburn is innocent until proven guilty (he’s a Democrat, if he were a Republican, the Democrats would have demanded he resign, immediately).

Today, a Granite Stater asked Woodburn what he has done to actually make North Country better and rather than respond to the person, chose to delete his comments instead.

If Woodburn can’t answer questions about how he, as a sitting New Hampshire Senator FOR North Country, actually did something to make it better, what does that say about what he has or HASN’T done to make things better for the people he represents?

Here’s the original post by Woodburn:

Here were the questions asked that were deleted. Hardly controversial questions but clearly questions Woodburn’s campaign refuses to answer (most likely because they can’t because Woodburn has been USELESS in doing anything beneficial for his constituents in North Country:

You can see here that these comments no longer exist:

Too many Democrats like Woodburn completely ignore their constituents because they put PARTY over PEOPLE. Woodburns inability to even highlight ONE THING he’s done to help his constituents should tell you everything you need to know about him.

THINK before you VOTE on November 6th.