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Five NH Governors Endorse Bill Gardner for Sec. of State – Look at Who is Missing

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner

Who among New Hampshire’s past governors is conspicuously absent from a Union Leader ‘Your Turn’ editorial in today’s paper endorsing Bill Gardner for Secretary of State? Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan.

It could be the nature of their current office that prevents them from adding their names to the list. They are sitting US Senators. It might be beneath them to pick a side in these circumstances. But Colin Van Ostern, Bill Gardner’s opponent, is a rabid partisan (as are Hassan and Shaheen). And while both men are registered Democrats, Van Ostern’s politicization of the race is what has poisoned the well.

Perhaps the Senators like the poison.

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Who Signed On and What do They Have to Say?

Former New Hampshire Governor’s John Lynch, Stephen Merrill, Craig Benson, John H. Sununu, and Judd Gregg signed the letter – Mr. Lynch being the lone Democrat.

So what’s it say?

Sadly, the effort to replace Secretary of State Bill Gardner is not about new ideas or forward thinking. It’s about politics — plain and simple. …

Make no mistake, the effort to replace Bill Gardner is a strategic political operation that threatens the independent foundation of the office, and New Hampshire’s privileged place in the selection process.

There’s a good bit more in there (most of it) about the office, integrity, and voter trust. But that’s all window fore-play for the pull quotes I have shared. 

For years the partisan Left has been using big (mostly out-of-state) money to try and take over the offices of Secretary of State. It’s no secret. Holding that office was viewed as key to controlling elections. Something, if you haven’t noticed’ Democrats tend to want to do. In roles that result in controversy, intrigue, and even scandal, as recounts produce piles of Democrat votes in close races.

Ask Any Tyrant. It’s easier to steal elections when you run them

Over and over again. It’s always Democrats and found-votes that favor Democrats. 

Secretaries of State have oversight. Getting a few more elections to tip your way makes a big difference. So, the Left never gave up on the idea.

This year they are trying to buy up New Hampshire.

At least five New Hampshire Governor’s don’t like what they are seeing. The Legislature to take note. And voters should pay attention to how their representatives vote when they choose a Secretay of State on December 5th.

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