Democrat Policies would be Different if they Really Cared about Children


If Democrat politicians and leaders care about children at all, they must consider children a very low priority.  If they considered children a high priority, Democrats would pursue policies that make the children’s lives better, but they don’t.  Democrat politicians are only “for the children” when it advances their other political goals.

If Democrats cared about children, they wouldn’t tolerate poor public schools that cheat over 2 million children annually of the educations they need for successful lives.  Instead, Democrats protect and fight to reward failing public schools and oppose school choice which allows non-rich students to escape bad schools.

If Democrats cared about children’s safety, they’d actually protect schools, but Democrats rely on the insane idea that a person intent on murder will be scared off by laws against carrying a gun to school.

If Democrats cared about children, they would support strict law enforcement so children can live in safe communities.

If Democrats cared about children, they would demand responsible behavior because children’s actions can impact their whole lives, affecting their happiness, health, prosperity, and even their freedom.

If Democrats cared about children, they would teach that the easiest, most reliable path to prosperity is to get a decent education, obey the law, and get a job before marriage and then parenthood.

If Democrats cared about children, instead of promoting abortions they would instill responsible behavior which could avoid many of the 1,300,000 abortions and over 20,000,000 cases of STDs, annually, that harm peoples’ health and relationships.

If Democrats cared about illegal alien children, they’d stop illegal immigration because it endangers children’s lives.  If they really cared, then Democrats would have objected when President Obama separated illegal alien children from their parents.

If Democrats cared about American children, they’d stop Illegal immigration which burdens schools, disrupts their educations, and threatens our children with strange illnesses and crimes such as the murder of Joshua Wilkerson by Hermilo Moralez.

If Democrats cared about children, they’d fight for policies that create a growing economy providing good jobs so families can stay together and prosper.

If Democrats actually cared about children, they’d fight for balanced budgets rather than continually increasing our national and state debts that will burden the lives of current children and unborn generations.

Democrats only “care” about children when children can be used to promote other Democrat priorities. >

Republicans fight for a good, safe education for every child, for instilling responsible behavior, for enforcing all laws to protect Americans and immigrants, and for a growing economy allowing parents to provide for their families and everyone to pursue their American Dream.

People who really care about children must vote for Republicans.