I'm now betting that the NH GOP wished Jane Cormier had won - Granite Grok

I’m now betting that the NH GOP wished Jane Cormier had won


I’m speaking of the race now between Ted “The Empty Chair” Gatsas, who beat Jane in the primary, and Democrat Gray Chynoweth for NH Executive Council.   (reformatted, emphasis mine):

The debate over debates has infiltrated the open seat for Executive Council that Pappas is leaving to run for Congress, the 4th District. Democratic nominee and Manchester businessman Gray Chynoweth accused Republican nominee and ex-Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas of ducking an encounter by failing to agree to a date for a debate before the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Chynoweth’s campaign said their candidate would agree to any date that worked for Gatsas. “If you’re applying for a job, you have to show up to the interview.”

Just put up that empty chair as, unfortunately, we’ve already seen this tactic before.


Gatsas declined to debate Jane Cormier on several occasions.  He had lots of money and put into signs – lots of signs.  Jane didn’t and GraniteGrok noted a number of times that Cormier’s signs had been ripped down (scuttlebutt is that this happens a lot to Gatsas’ opponents). True, there were other factions that would look at her signs as an “opportunity” (as being a past President of NH Right To Life, I could see where a number of Planned Parenthood NE fanatics could see them as “all in” moments) especially as her funding, to be kind, was paltry.

It did seem that the message to Republican donors, from what I was being told, was to freeze Jane out because EVERYONE knew that Gatsas would win.  Well, if you can’t get your message out that you’re running and here’s my stances on the issues, well, sure – there is a valid reason why the phrase “money is the mother’s milk of politics” exists. But I digress.

For this reason, I was excited to say yes to the debate proposed by the Manchester Chamber. I’m disappointed former Mayor Gatsas declined the opportunity,” Chynoweth said. “The stakes are high in this race — for businesses, for women’s health, and for our state’s future. This race is a choice between my new ideas and his old politics. I stand ready to show up to any debate, to join any forum on any issue and to listen to the concerns of voters. I encourage former Mayor Gatsas to reconsider and to join me. The voters deserve no less.” Gatsas could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Of course “no comment” from the Gatsas campaign – it’s standard operating procedure. And yes, the voters deserve more from him.  After all, it IS about the job interview.  If you don’t have the courage of your convictions, the ability to stand up and defend what you say you do, you deserve to lose.  This is showing disdain for those you want to vote for you, you know, the “little people.”  Again, the message of “I’m Ted Gatsas – just shut up and vote for me” is coming across loud and clear.

One would think, given the Democrat enthusiasm and money now in NH for this campaign season, he’d be all over the place and all over any opportunity to talk with voters to say “I’m better than the other guy and here’s why”.  Instead, <crickets>. I don’t see him in the news, I don’t hear him on the radio, I don’t see any notices about appearances – and his website is as empty as the image that accompanies this post.

It’s almost as if he really doesn’t care.  My way or the highway. Well, I won’t be surprised if he loses even with his name recognition of being the ex-Mayor of Manchester (gosh, cogitate on the “ex-” part for a few moments and ask “why is that?”) if the voter decides “yeah, highway”.

And then ask yourself “do you think that the GOPe might be rethinking their freeze decision on Jane, a real true to life Conservative who not only doesn’t back down on Principles but can hold her own (and then some) in any kind of a debate? Or that others in the know decided “sure, she’s a really good Conservative but Gatsas is gonna win so I’m going with him” and probably will have buyers remorse in the end? Who knows but it’ll be too late in any case.

I also have my doubts that any of them will learn a longer-term lesson from this, either.

(H/T: Union Leader)