Dem. Operative Who Attacked Female GOP Campaign Manager Should Claim “Woodburn Defense”

A White Male Democrat Operative has been arrested for “assaulting” a female campaign manager for a local Republican candidate in Nevada.

Witnesses say 50-year-old Wilfred Michael Stark III, of Falls Church, Virginia, grabbed Kristin Davison by the arm, pushing her into a room, and would not let go. He yelled and shoved a camera and his body at her and Laxalt, according to The Associated Press. The altercation left her with bruises on her arms and neck.

He should take a page from the book of NH Democrat State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, who is also a large white male Democrat accused of assaulting a woman. Woodburn claims self-defense which will explain both the “assault” dryer he broke and “tactical” front door he smashed in.

Not sure how that plays out in front of a judge or a jury or in the case of the abusive Nevada Democrat in the context of a room full of witnesses, but it’s worth a shot, right?


Image Credit: Image credit Devin Nunes Twitter c/o The Federalist