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Dem. Jeanne Dietsch: Ordered to Pay Over $600,000.00 for Unscrupulous Business Practices

Democrat Candidate Jeanne Dietsch likes to tout her business experience as a reason to elect her to the New Hampshire State Senate in (Dist 9). How about her “business experience” profiting from someone else’s work?

Deitsch and her company (ActivMedia Robotics, LLC) profited for years by stealing someone else’s work until a NH jury ordered her company to pay over $636,000 in compensation (pg 9).

Note to voters in New Hampshire State Senate District 9: If Jeanne engages in any unscrupulous acts with your tax dollars you’ll never get those back. And you have further reason to be suspicious.

Just this year the New Hampshire attorney general issued a notice to Diestsch that she is in violation of New Hampshire campaign election law which is odd. She has run for office before and should be well aware of campaign finance requirements. The law is actually sent to every candidate who files even if they’ve held elected office or run for office in the past.

Dietsch is cited for incomplete information from donors.  Could this breach have something to do with who is on her campaign finance report?

Dietsch’s campaign is funded with thousands of dollars in out of State lobbyist money including PACs from Washington DC and even a sitting member of Congress serving in Maryland.

What do out of state lobbyists and congressmen from Maryland know about Senate District 9?

They know that Dietsch supports corporate rent seeking which would grow the lobbyist culture in Concord. She’s also keen on rolling back tax breaks for small businesses in New Hampshire which makes it harder for them to compete with big corporate rent-seekers and their deep-pocketed lobbyists.

So, what guarantee do voters in District 9 have that if Jeanne Dietsch were elected, she would be representing her constituents? None. She’d owe favors to all of the out-of-state influencers who funded her run for office whose priorities are backed up by Dietsch’s own campaign platform.

November 6th is coming, and the last thing we need is another elected official who ignores the law, breaks contracts, takes other people’s “property,” and forces them into court to get it back.

Someone who thinks the government knows better how to spend money than private citizens and job creators.

State Senate District 9 deserves better than that. Vote Republican on November 6th and not just because they trust you with your own money.