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New Hampshire Democrat Wants to “Revoke …Tax Cuts Businesses Didn’t Ask For”

Remember when we said your voting record matters? We’ve got another example, and it ties in nicely with our congratulations to Republican Dan Hynes on his election win. He beat out one of those squishy Republicans with a lousy voting record in the State Senate District 9 primary. Terry Wolf is reputed to be a Bill Greiner special. Greiner runs Bedford, if you hadn’t heard. He owns the Town council, blah blah, blah.

Wolf is rumored to be Greiner’s Republican of preference. Soft on everything especially the Republican Platform and the NH and US Constitution. She lost, in part because of the same efforts by grassroots groups and activists to retire other Republicans with bad voting records.

But we’ve no time to pat ourselves on the back because the Democrat challenger for this seat is a bigger threat to liberty than Terry Wolf.

Jeanne Dietsch beat out Mark Fernald – a threat to liberty all his own – in Tuesdays Democrat primary. Fernald ran on Property tax relief which is to say relieving you of property taxes and a new broad-based tax or two on top of that. Fernald’s entire political life has focused on getting a broad-based sales or income tax passed in New Hampshire.

These days the entire New Hampshire Democrat party is milking this lie while also promising to raise taxes on employers. So when you look at Jeanne Dietsch and her solutions – Jeanne is Dan Hynes’ Democrat challenger – don’t be surprised when those “solutions” all require two things. Your money and more of your money.

Jeanne should hand out campaign bumper stickers that say ‘Let’s Drive New Hampshire’s Economy into a Dietsch.’

She wants to give your money to businesses the legislature decides are worthy under cover of “seed money” for industries of tomorrow. So, more corporate rent-seeking ala SB 564. Why? Because legislators know better how to spend your money. Dietsch wants to “feed the lobbyists,” “attract special interests,” and (one of my favorites) launder tax dollars into campaign donations.

Dietsch wants to take more of your money to lower the cost of attending colleges in the state so colleges can continue to waste millions annually on degree programs with no job future. And it’s a great deal for Dietsch.

The super-majority of jobs paid for with those tuitions are Democrat voters and donors protected from market forces by the taxpayer-funded Jeanne Dietsch “scholarship program.” A scheme that launders tax dollars into Democrat votes and campaign dollars (with a side of fries because that’s the job you get with a degree in social justice studies).

Here’s another favorite.

Revoke $180 million in 2015 and 2017 tax cuts that businesses did not ask for.

I’ll ignore the preposition at the end of the sentence and instead focus on the proposition that New Hampshire Democrats (heck, any Democrat) would give money back to job creators if they asked for it. (I’ll wait while you laugh your ass off.)

This one sentence exemplifies the arrogance and the threat that Jeanne Dietsch represents to your property and your liberty. She is a “you didn’t build that Democrat.” It’s not yours, you didn’t earn it, and it’s wrong for Republicans to let you keep more of it.

Her entire web site supports this.

Education, the environment, healthcare, Children and families, gun safety.

Everything she wants says I know better how to spend the money you earn and I can run your life better than you do. And she is here to tell us why and what she intends to do about it when we elect her.

She’s going to take it and spend it. And since that will never be enough, the next budget she’ll take more and spend that. It is a cycle of abuse with no end because there is “no” enough. She will never run out of ways to waste your money.


And, no, I don’t think she’s trying to be honest and upfront about what Democrats are and what they do. I think she believes she’s doing you a favor.

Do yourself a favor. Vote for Dan Hynes in State Senate District 9. He trusts you to make the spending decisions that are best for you, your business, your employees, and your family. He also understands that this free market exercise is what creates useful and necessary jobs and economic growth.

Government can’t do that nor should it.