"A Democrat for Tim Lord" - Granite Grok

“A Democrat for Tim Lord”


On the day that I proudly became a US citizen, I also registered to vote as a Democrat. In 2016, I was saddened and concerned by Donald Trump’s victory. Since then, I have been far more deeply saddened, however, by the viciously negative response to Trump’s victory among so many on the left. I was beyond disgusted by the treatment of Brett Kavanaugh at the hands of Democratic Senators who, until then, had my full support. This has brought me to realize that, for me, this is not about Democrats and Republicans but about ideas and leadership. And when I search within myself for the picture of our collective future I would most like to see, I realize that I am happy to place my trust in the vision of Tim Lord. Rural economic growth, strong schools, and fiscal well-being are ideas that transcend party and present a vision that is decent, realistic and inclusive.

An endorsement for Tim Lord (Hillsborough District 3 – Bennington, Greenfield and Hancock) from an immigrant Democrat

Rebecca MacNeely
Hancock, NH

Note: We previously posted about Tim Lord’s candidacy (Hillsborough District 3 – Bennington, Greenfield and Hancock) here.