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NH Needs Two New Conservative Congressmen – Carol, You Can Quote Me On That!

New Hampshire has been represented for some time in Congress by several hard-left leaning Democrats. That can change with the upcoming election in District 1 and District 2. It is an historic chance to put an end to having two Nancy Pelosi hand puppets reciting CNN talking points when they should be engaged in serious business on behalf of the State of New Hampshire.

For a simple example of simplemindedness just look at some of the “work” Carol She-Porter has accomplished in The Swamp. That would be her five-minute speeches.


Let’s pick out several and analyze them for usefulness to NH citizens – as opposed to DC insider politics and fake news:

Without the Russians, Trump wouldn’t have won.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to read a column by Max  Boot, conservative, and very well known. I am quoting completely.

“President Trump is willing, under duress, to briefly and begrudgingly admit that Russian meddling took place in 2016 before reverting to calling it a `big hoax.’ But he always maintains that the plot against America had no impact; he describes it as a `Democrat excuse for losing the ’16 election.’ …

Shea-Porter reads an opinion piece by “conservative” writer Max Boot, a Never-Trumper!

The speech above was a five-minute waste of time, on Pelosi’s behalf, of Shea-Porter complaining about Russians stealing US elections. (Russian bloggers bought $100,000.00 worth of Facebook ads and rented some costumes for political parades, some scandal.)

Next, we have Carol Shea-Porter complaining about President Trump’s visit to Helsinki:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to share an editorial from the Union Leader, New Hampshire’s statewide newspaper.

People who thought a weak and dying Roosevelt gave away too much to the Russians at Yalta in World War II may want to reconsider. Compared to the pathetic, boot-licking performance of President Trump in Helsinki this week, FDR had his A-game going against Joseph Stalin. …

Apparently unable to write anything understandable herself, Shea-Porter resorts to reading a Union Leader article critical of President Trump. (And she was reminded by the Speaker not to personalize complaints about the President.)

Another chance to duck some of the real work of a NH Congressman was used to quote another Republican, Christy Todd Whitman:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to read an op-ed from former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, who worked for Richard Nixon and George Bush:

President Trump’s disgraceful performance in Helsinki, Finland, and, in the days since, is an indication that he is not fit to remain in office. Trump’s 2016 “America First” platform might be more aptly named “Russia First” after the disaster that occurred last week. …


After using up that five minutes of a Congressman’s work-day, Carol Shea-Porter let’s fly another speech titled “A Call to Arms”:

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to call this body to action. Two days ago, we watched, the world watched in horror in Finland as our President took Putin’s side instead of our intelligence community’s side. Our intelligence community told us, told him that Russia attacked our democracy and attacked our elections. For whatever reason, President Trump seems unable to clearly state that he agrees with intelligence.

In this speech she pines for the days of John McCain:

“We have heard some Republican heroes like John McCain and others who have said this was the most horrific performance and that we must–must talk about this, and yet we don’t. Why?”

Doesn’t it seem odd that one of our two liberal Democrat Congressman can only quote Republicans or the Manchester Paper when she was trying to make a point? It would have been helpful to have some – facts.

It seems the best remedy for former Congressman Shea-Porter’s Democrat disfunction is to replace her with a real Republican – or maybe two, by electing another Republican in November. We wouldn’t have to get second-hand readings from Republicans. Real live Republicans can speak for themselves and do the business of a New Hampshire Congressman. We are one election away from a functioning Congress.

Real simple.

Eddie Edwards and Steve Negron are serious candidates. They will not be wasting time spouting talking points and taking five-minute, tin foil hat cheap shots at the President. Washington has enough unnecessary drama and infighting without NH contributing to it.

New Hampshire has a great opportunity to drain two swamp creatures at once this November.