NH House RINO Reduction ‘Therapy’ Nets Results in 2018

One of the grassroots goals in 2018 was to find and support candidates to replace Republicans in the New Hampshire House who had either fallen off the ‘platform’ wagon or were never really on it. Incumbents who, for whatever reason,  decided that their party registration is more a guideline than a rule. Orm in a few cases, just the letter you put in parentheses after your name to get elected to office in a Republican-leaning district.

Better candidates to replace these occasional republicans were recruited and supported in for lack of a better word ‘targeted’ districts. At least eight that I know of were successfully retired.

How were these seats identified? Voting records including the NHLA, the aforementioned NHHRA, AFP scorecard, and key votes on select issues like Right to Work. Yes, your voting record matters.

The NHHRA, if you are not familiar, has a very simple goal.

We want all bills passing the New Hampshire Legislature to be consistent with the New Hampshire and US Constitutions, to embody the traditional Republican values specified in the NH State Party Platform, and to be fiscally responsible to the people of our great state.

They evaluate legislation and after discussion with members release a voting guide or pink sheet. They then track NH House member votes against these recommendations and give them a grade.  That voting record tells a story and to paraphrase the title of Jim’s post yesterday, that story matters.

Here’s another story.

A list, though it may not be complete, of ‘republicans’ with (for this example) bad NHHRA scores who were targeted with primaries and “retired” as a result.

41% Brenda Willis Rock. 6 Derry
49% Carolyn Gargasz Hills 27 Hollis
52% Patricia Dowling Rock. 6 Derry
56% G. Thomas Cardon Rock. 6 Derry
61% Vicki Schwaegler Graf. 3 Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren
63% Jim Devine Rock. 4 Auburn, Chester, Sandown
65% David Pierce Hills 6 Goffstown
65% Richard Tripp Rock. 6 Derry

Occasional republicans take note. These incumbents were targeted and retired.

It’s not personal. You may be the best person ever to walk the earth but your voting records matters. If you happen to have a lousy voting record in a solid or heavily Republican-leaning district, it matters even more. There are citizens willing to support and defend limited government, local control, individual liberties, and low taxes. Candidates who believe that their friends and neighbors will make better spending choices than their government.

Someone will find them, train them, get them to primary you, and help them win.

Consider yourselves put on notice. Your voting record matters.

H/T Spec Bowers