I feel real sorry for financial advisor Molly Kelly's (running for NH Governor) clients... - Granite Grok

I feel real sorry for financial advisor Molly Kelly’s (running for NH Governor) clients…

Molly-Kelly Clintons

One of the ads Molly Kelly was running during the primary was this gem of Cognitive Dissonance / Political double dealing (emphasis mine)

We’re getting slammed by ever higher electric bills. Eversource is making huge profits. The Governor?  He collected more than $50K from Eversource and vetoed two renewable energy bills. I’m Molly Kelly and I’m running for Governor because I think that’s got to change. As a State Senator, I stood up to the big utilities. I led the fight to expand clean energy and create jobs. I’m not taking any donations from corporate PACs so I won’t owe them anything. We will stop the corporate handouts and put people first.

I’m going to leave PAC crap alone (although we need to see if she’s taking money from unions and Planned Parenthood PACs) for now.  Take those three lines – how much can you get so wrong with so few words?

  • We’re getting slammed by ever higher electric bills.
  • Vetoed two renewable energy bills
  • We will stop the corporate handouts

So, she rightly calls out that we have high electric bills here in NH.  In no small part, it is because of NH State Government meddling in the economy by self-assured incompetents thinking they know better than the millions of decisions made by people who are directly using their own money in making those decisions to be beneficial to themselves.  There is NO way that a few can intelligently make every sufficient decision to be the correct one for all people (re: Jeb Bradley).

And then KNOWING we have high rates, she slams the veto OF TWO “renewable energy” bills that will RAISE our electric rates even MORE. After all, if Eversource is forced to buy those wood-chip plants electrical output AT HIGHER THAN MARKET RATES, that means our rates will be just that much higher?  Yet, Molly Kelly wants us to swallow that whole and without question.

Then, she doubles down and gets “stuck on stupid” with “we will stop the corporate handouts“.  Umm, those two bills she’s yammering about ARE corporate handouts / Crony Capitalism / corporate welfare. They are the definition of corporate handouts.  No, not directly from Government to those out-of-state owners of said plants (right, Vicki Schwaegler?) but using the force of Government to force all of US to pay higher electrical rates that we otherwise would have to.

Complains about higher electric bills, wants to stop corporate handouts, but is in favor of Gubbmit law that raises our rates and continues corporate handouts in order to do it.

This is the thinking of a financial advisor genius – and she wants us to elect her as Governor????

She’s got some ‘splaining to do…..but on this, she’s a lost cause – and so will our hard earned money.  Why does she hate the poor so much by using Government to raise their rates?