Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!” – Part 3 - Granite Grok

Executive Council District 4: “I don’t need to do anything to win because I’m Ted Gatsas!” – Part 3

“what can you do for Ted instead of what Ted will do for you”

Because he isn’t telling you.  And if he isn’t willing to tell you, what is your answer to this question: “Can I not worry about how he will vote because I don’t know what he stands for?“

That’s how I ended up with my last post – what does Ted Gatsas believe in? We dunno, or at least I don’t.  I’m quite sure there is a set of issues or a set of beliefs somewhere.  After all, he’s had a long political career here in NH: state senator, mayor (wanted to be Guv). Perhaps those websites said what he thought were the issues of the day and what he’d do about them – then. Now? As the Executive Councilor for District 4?  Not a whisper, not a word, not a syllable.  I don’t think one can say “Transparency” in the political world where there’s nothing there to be transparent about.

I intimated this earlier – WHERE is the Issues page on Ted’s site?  Answer:

There isn’t one.  Period.  One has to wonder if Gatsas believes that anything is important for this race – or the position?  The Executive Council is a rather uniquely New Hampshire entity and experience.  While it is there to “advise” the Governor on contracts and appointments of judges and appointed officials, it can act like a set of handcuffs, a “governor” (like in a car “governor” that limits speed), when it sees that a contract is either tilted to an entity (e.g., Crony Capitalism) or is a waste of taxpayer money (“boondoggle”), or using monies that violate Constitutional or Societal norms (funding the baby killers known as Planned Parenthood). Similar examples for those being appointed to have major roles within Government in heading up or guiding major departments or agencies – and confirming them and judges as well.  Given the weak nature of the NH Governorship, it plays an outside role with just five members.

Yet, Ted Gatsas makes it plain that he doesn’t want to let the voters in District 4 know what his governing principles would be concerning contracts, no idea what his trip wires would be, what he is looking for (goodness) or looking out for (badness). They won’t know what attributes he’s looking for in appointments – and which he’d absolutely go bonkers over (not in a good way).

Just don’t know.  It isn’t that he’s holding his cards close to the vest, it’s like he’s not there to even be wearing a vest.  And given that there’s no information on events on his website, who knows where to go to be able to see him to ask him in person.

Can we call him the Vanishing Councilor (as opposed to being the Volinsky Councilor?)?  Or the Ghost Councilor?

I say the latter because I’ve been in the District lately – I see his signs all over.  Big signs, too – $100 and up.  Again, all over the place.  Ridiculously all over, so we know that he is running a campaign.  He, on the other hand, is like playing the political version of that now older book (hey, it fits!):

“Where’s Waldo?”


Where IS Ted Gatsas and where can ordinary people find him on the campaign trail? I couldn’t find him in asking if he’d debate Jane Cormier (his rival in the Republican Primary, who does have answers for these questions because she knows that you ought to know as well) – if you happen to stumble over him, please let us know!