Antifa: now taking away BOTH our First and Second Amendment Rights? - Granite Grok

Antifa: now taking away BOTH our First and Second Amendment Rights?

Antifa – the new brownshirts of the Democrat Socialists.  It really is what they are – the newest version of the Klan and the Nazi / Mussolini brownshirts; few leading Democrats have it suitable to disavow their riot provoking activities.  To summarize in simple terms, these “anti-fascists” believe that not all speech is permissible and that “hate speech” (which is anything to which they disagree with) is the same as actual physical violence.  Hence, they have the RIGHT to stop you from speaking in any way that they can, including fists, elbows, knees, legs, boots, bats, shields, tear gas, knives, and of course, swinging bike locks.  Dressed in black

Sidenote: even notice that the leading Leftists, especially in tech and the artsy-fartsy, pretty much just dress all in black?  I wonder….

with helmets, goggles, and face-hiding bandanas, they go about their merry way in beating the crap out of you and that makes them feelz good about themselves that they’ve shut you up and shut you down. Now, they’re moving on to the next article in the Bill of Rights – and they still don’t believe they are the ones that are the real fascists?

So these self-righeous Progressive vigilantes are going to try to pick on those that are amongst the most prickly of citizens that are willing protect their Constitutional Rights?  Have they really thought this through? They seem to think this is going to be easy-peazy: just saunter up to someone that’s open carrying, rank out their firearm with the carrier just willing to stand there, then stand there some more while the nitwit fumbles with the phone to get a good picture, then stand there as the perp (for that is what they are now – stealing private property but oh, never mind about that pesky Right to Private Property stuff – evil and greedy Capitalist anyways.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!) walks to the nearest garbage can, and then quietly allow them to walk away.

And notice the automatic stereotyping going on – IF you are carrying, you are AUTOMATICALLY a Fascist (even as one of the things that Fascism does is to disarm the populace but I guess these miscreants never studied history beyond elementary school talking points).

I dunno about you but many, knowing about this and disregarding the rule of staying away from a mob unless you are spoiling for a fight, carriers aren’t going to just stand there with arms akimbo and merely surveying the scene.  No, I’m betting that there’s going to be an instance of the Law of Thermodynamics at play here (e.g., “for every action there is a reacton”) and it may be on the messy side.  I don’t think it will be quick and I doubt it will end up with just a disarmament (if it gets that far).  It won’t be quick – there will be a struggle – and many gun owners will often carry either a jackknife or a backup gun – and thinking that their lives have just been put into danger, I’m sure the results won’t be what this “look at me, I’m so clever!” message maker intended.

May the good Lord have mercy on their souls if they do this in Texas and get that firearm into the dumpster; I would be surprised if something else didn’t end up in said dumpster as well.


(H/T: Susan)