Why Celibacy Matters - Granite Grok

Why Celibacy Matters

Our nation has strayed so far from what it used to be. Our morality has eroded, and the results are devastating. I’m 29 years of age and I have grown up in this culture which, since my teenage years, has embraced just about every kind of immoral act you can think of, with the exception of a few hideous acts which I won’t bother even mentioning.

It first started with the acceptance and normalization of sex outside of marriage. At one time, not so long ago, celibacy was an honorable life choice. It was a life choice that most certainly had and still affects marriage. The 1960’s was a time when this idea of “free love” was accepted. Sleep with whomever you wish! There is no harm in it. This was the beginning of the sexual revolution.

Saving sex for marriage is a great thing for a number of reasons. First of all, our Creator intended for man and woman to come together and “become one” as scripture states in Genesis. That is so important to understand. When you have intercourse with someone, you are creating the most intimate bond with that person, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Sex is the consummation of marriage; it is the very definition, the act of marriage. Marriage today is culturally known as the ceremony. For legal purpose, which is a completely different topic, marriage is the ceremonial celebration today. But according to our Creator, marriage physically occurs when man and woman come together intimately to become one.

Why is celibacy so important?

When you sleep around with multiple people, you are becoming one, in marriage, with multiple people, which is unhealthy and destructive. Our Creator did not design marriage to be between multiple partners, nor did He intend for it to be between two people of the same sex. The latter statement is why I do not consider same-sex marriage to ever be physically confirmed because it physically can’t be, as only man and woman can truly become one.

Sleeping around also spreads diseases. According to a recent study by the CDC in June of 2018, among young people (aged 13-24) diagnosed with HIV in 2016, 81% were homosexual and bisexual males.

Another statistic shows that young people (13-24) accounted for an estimated 21% of all new HIV diagnoses in the United States in 2016.

Additionally, half of the 20 million new STD’s reported each year were among young people, between the ages of 15 to 24.

These statistics point out an obvious problem with sexual promiscuity. Sleeping around with anyone, whether it be with people of the opposite sex, but especially of the same sex, is dangerous and results in health problems that are clearly ignored. Sex is not a bad act, not at all. Sex is designed to be fun and exciting! But it was designed for fun within its purpose and intent. That purpose and intent were to first, provide a way for mankind to populate the earth, as our Creator intended. That’s right; we are expected to populate the earth with humans, born with intent and purpose by their Creator.

When sex occurs outside of its intended purpose, problems arise, such as diseases, emotional wreckage and hardship in marriage. Far too many young people have engaged in sexual intercourse without even considering the consequences. Worse yet, young people are encouraged to do it by adults who should know better. Our culture has encouraged the abuse of sex and ruined so many marriages, relationships and families. With STD’s on the rise, divorce continuing its course of being regarded as normal and acceptable, and so many young people struggling with their identity, it should be evident where our culture has gone off course.

Sex before marriage matters, because it directly affects the relationship between husband and wife. If all our problems originate from the family and individual, and if family is negatively affected by a hurt marriage, and if a hurt marriage can often times be a result of sex outside of its original intent, then we can see the trend, that sex outside of marriage plays a huge part in the destruction of our culture and everything else that is affected by culture.

Sex and intimacy is designed to be a wonderful thing. It is designed to be a special bond between the husband and wife. It’s truly a wonderful thing when a couple wait patiently for one another, to share that special moment together which should last a lifetime. That is such a wonderful thing that our culture has completely lost and ignored. Consummation of marriage is supposed to be a sacred act that belongs to two people who deeply love one another and have committed a lifetime of friendship and loyalty.

We currently have millions of young people who have married multiple partners, through sexual intercourse, and think nothing of it. Unfortunately, in reality, while they may not immediately see it, that choice has severely affected their mind and heart. As a young man, it is my duty and responsibility to speak out on this topic because my generation is hurting and they need to encounter truth. If they don’t accept it, that is on them. But I truly believe there are millions of young people who want to know and be taught these values once again.

Years from now, the millennial generation will look back at the choices they made and wonder why no one attempted to help them and teach them why celibacy was so important.

Are we so timid and fearful of offending those we love that we are willing to allow them to make mistakes that will follow them for the rest of their lives? To love someone and care for them is to tell them when they are making choices that are harmful to them, is it not?

We have many cultural topics to take on and one way we can change the course of culture for the better is by valuing and honoring celibacy again.