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Who Will Be The Next Mollie Tibbetts?

I posted what I like to call “bait” on the Grok Facebook page. It was two meme’s someone made making a point or two about the tragic murder of Iowa girl-next-door Mollie Tibbetts at the hands of an illegal alien. The tender-footed progressive-leaning morally-mother superiors can never contain themselves.

The gist of at least one objection is that GraniteGrok is standing on the shoulders of a dead girl.

I don’t think so. We’re standing quite squarely on the failed priorities of Democrats.

Tibbetts was murdered (illegal) by an illegal alien (illegal) driving illegally with an illegal ID. He should not even be here.

We also have liberals calling for the government to pass laws that disarm innocent, law-abiding citizens (or make it harder to exercise a constitutional right) because (more often than not) people died as a result of government’s failure to enforce existing law. The media and Democrats stand on those dead bodies to try and deny rights to others that, ironically, could have prevented the tragedy.

Both are the result of the government (Democrats) ignoring a law that ends in a law-abiding citizen losing their life. Mollie dies because of an open borders sanctuary city policy. The students in Parkland died (a very recent example) because of a litany of government failures including gun-control.

If we had our way the illegal alien wouldn’t be in the country to kill her and the staff at Parkland would have been trained and armed and the perp knowing that (even assuming all the other government failures went unaddressed) would have had no soft target.

So what about the bait?

Mollie Tibbetts

The first picture suggests Mollie Tibbetts was murdered because Democrats need votes.

Democrats want open borders. Democrats want illegal aliens to have an ID so they can hook up to government freebies, drive cars (like the one with the trunk in which Mollie’s killer put her body before he dumped it), and so they can vote to keep the freebies and so on, courtesy of Democrats.

That is all true.

Democrats use “immigration reform” which is code for open borders as a means to legalize alien dependents who will vote for them.  Democrats create sanctuary cities and states to hide them until they can and do vote (and they do vote). Criminals, drugs, gangs, and human traffickers use this to gain access to the US and women like Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts pay the price admission (along with many many others).

Democrats also claim to be the party of women.

For all the hypocrisy that is the self-flagellating cover story called the #MeToo movement, Kate and Mollie were women too. Democrats don’t care. Not really. Not leadership. Not the hard-core activists. Not the donor class or the special interests. Not the Trump hating drone army.

They care about Kate and Mollie about as much as North Country Democrats care about the domestic violence victim of accused abuser Jeff Woodburn. The political cost of Woodburn’s infraction was met with formal requests for his resignation which we now know were fake. Democrat leadership was just trying to get in front of it, and now that he hasn’t resigned they are getting behind it. The victim of the domestic violence is the problem. She may cost them a State Senate seat. She needs to go away.

Politics before people.

And so it goes with Mollie, and so it went with Kate, and such will be the case with the next pretty young woman who may or may not be smitten with the Left’s claims that they are the one-and-only-true advocate for their rights.

We can’t ask Kate or Mollie, but Candace Owens can tell you a thing or two about the Democrats commitment to women (and people of color). It’s got nothing to do with either and everything to do with politics before people.

You’re just a vote to them and if you vote the wrong way you might as well be in a trunk.

Mollie Tibbetts Separated from her parentsThe other picture says “Another Child permanently separated from her parents.” That is also true.

Mollie’s parents will never see her again. She’s gone. Killed by someone who shouldn’t have been here. Full stop.

Something else that is true? Both GW Bush and BH Obama separated parents and children at the border because that was what you did. Courts (also the government) told them they had to do it. No one cared. It just happened until it didn’t.

This change (still in process) was the result of someone informing the current president a) that it was happening and b) that they didn’t like it. He stepped up and told the federal agencies responsible for fixing it.

It’s not going smoothly because nothing much the government does can but the effort is being made to resolve an issue that wouldn’t be an issue at all if Democrats hadn’t declared the borders open during the Obama years complete with bread and circuses and driver’s licenses and sanctuary cities.

And here’s the God’s honest truth of truths. If they don’t vote Democrat (and admit it), they’ll get about as much consideration as the rest of them. Gay, straight, black, white, legal, illegal, secular, religious, trans or not, vote the right way or it’s the highway.

If you don’t figure that out and unite to oppose this political culture and the people behind it, at some point, it will be your turn to mean nothing.

The only lives that matter to the left are Democrat voter lives, and that’s conditional on toeing the party line between elections. Thinking outside their box is not permitted. Ask Colorado bakers, Nun’s, or pregnancy crisis centers in Califronia. All of whom had to take the long, expensive, judicial journey to the US Supreme court to get the government to give them back rights taken by Democrats.

The left would love to take that respite away and they will the first chance they get.

So, don’t let them.