This is Democrat Donna Soucy's version of "Diversity"? - Granite Grok

This is Democrat Donna Soucy’s version of “Diversity”?

Or as one wag put it “How’d that white guy sneak in?”.  These kinds of photographs are staged – it is part of the “inside-baseball”, “behind the curtains” kinds of political stagecraft that a campaign does all the time.  You think that all those people in the stands at a rally are chosen at random?  Pshaw – consider yourself woefully under prepared when watching these kinds of things at the surface level. But for those of us that view “diversity” as defined as various opinions and worldview (verses the one-note Democrats that see diversity as only being skin-deep but demand absolute fealty to their collectivist, Statist, socialist thoughts), this is just outright pandering for votes – “See how enlightened I am??? Vote for me”!

(H/T: Facebook)