The New Hampshire Union Leader Endorses Steve Negron in CD-2

New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, the New Hampshire Union Leader, has endorsed Rep. Steve Negron in the Congressional District 2 Republican Primary.

The first-term representative from Nashua is relentlessly cheery, his friendliness and optimism a welcome antidote to the anger and frustration permeating modern politics. Negron is bringing a positive, confident conservative message to the race for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second District. The theme of his campaign is “Restore American Confidence,” and he has earned our endorsement.

They have more kind words but close with this,

Negron would fight for fiscal discipline at a time when both parties have abandoned any such concern.

Negron represents an upbeat, confident conservatism that the Republican Party needs. He is the GOP’s best choice in the Second District. Republicans and independents should vote for Steve Negron for Congress on Sept. 11. has endorsed Steve Negron for CD-2.