The Democrat agenda of Personal Destruction promulgated by Elizabeth Ruediger - Granite Grok

The Democrat agenda of Personal Destruction promulgated by Elizabeth Ruediger

To the Editor:
The argument for being “pro-choice” was redefined last week when Randolph’s Kathleen Kelley announced her candidacy for State Senate in a write-in campaign against embattled incumbent, Jeff Woodburn. Now, for those of you living under the proverbial rock, Mr. Woodburn has been “accused” of some “nefarious” actions in his intimate relationship with the “Tonya Harding of politics”. Woodburn’s accuser has filed a formal, legal complaint alleging he kicked her clothes dryer and broke her door jam during an altercation. The complaint further alleges that Woodburn bit her twice over the course of a two day period. My experience with “biters” is that why are generally under the age of eight and it is not the predominant defense or offense mechanism for adult males of Woodburn’s size. Lastly, bites are intimate.

Bites are intimate because THEY ARE HAPPENING TO YOUR SKIN! And underlying tissue.  And worse case – bones.  Bites HURT and the writer of this snippet taken from the Caledonian Record is Elizabeth Ruediger of Dummer, NH.  She obviously hasn’t been in a real fight where there are no rules.  Sure, little kids do bite and will bite but if the opportunity affords itself in a fit of rage, anger, offense, or defense, biting is an effective tool for any age.

But what I wanted to call your attention is the affirmation of the supposition in Steve’s post: Berlin NH Mayor Names Victim of Woodburn Domestic Violence – It’s Not Who You Think

Typically, when the professional Left is after a name, a donor or donor list, for example, it’s so they can intimidate them, pillory them, and (in extreme cases) drive them from their jobs and homes. Destroy them publicly, professionally, all over what amounts to a talking point, a narrative, political power.

Keep that in mind as we explore efforts (one more time) by North Country Democrats and media allies to unmask and openly report the name of a woman whose ‘crime’ is being the victim of domestic abuse. A woman whom some Democrats appear intent on destroying because she stands between them and the election of her accused abuser.

Did you happen to catch the intimidation, the pillory-ization, the destruction – all in the support of Power Above All Else?  #MeToo?  Sexism? Misogyny? Violence? Domestic Abuse? They all disappeared from Elizabeth Ruediger’s vocabulary with this:

“…Mr. Woodburn has been “accused” of some “nefarious” actions in his intimate relationship with the “Tonya Harding of politics

Tonya Harding. For those not in the know, short of memory, or don’t follow current culture or Olympics, Tonya Harding was an Olympic caliber figure skater that had her chief American rival literally knee-capped in order to win.  Win at all cost, win no matter who else was hurt – all in to win a title and a shiny piece of medal.  And, a lot of fame and boatloads of money down the years. Oh, she became quite famous but for the absolute wrong reason and though there are those that have tried a rehabilitation effort the last few years.

The nuance and innuendo is that the victim of Jeff Woodburn is of no account and guilty of everything she’s says – and more.  Destroy her professionally and culturally – in support of the Democrat agenda.

Which, if you oppose them, the agenda of Personal Destruction.  We see this all the time in what we do – and this IS who they are and who they are all the time.