If NH State Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn Has Any Firearms, Will he Turn Them in – NOW?

Red Fag LawsIf New Hampshire State Senate Minority Leader Jeff Woodburn has any firearms, will he turn them in NOW? He is, after all, he’s in favor of “Red Flag” laws which empower the State to take firearms away from those deemed to be a danger to others or themselves (or both).

C’mon Jeff, show the courage of your convictions; if you got’em, turn ’em in as a show of faith because “dangerous people” should no longer be “entitled” to Due Process.  You’re supposedly a “Leader.” But are you a leader out in front or a “leader from behind” like Obama self-described?  C’mon, Jeff, resoundingly smash that old phrase “Fine for thee but not for me!” to smithereens?

Let us know, Senator Woodburn, when you’ve done “the right thing” according to the Democrat agenda: resign (like you accuse all Republicans when they do LESSER acts) and give up your Second Amendment Rights.  It’s what you want others to do, right? Do you have the courage to make an example of yourself for the sake of the Democrat Party agenda?  Or will you pull a Ray Buckley (must I really start playing those vile videos of him)?

Aaron Day pwns Molly Kelly

And yes, Aaron Day correctly pwns Molly Kelly who seemingly hates Domestic Violence but then makes sure that the victims can’t defend themselves when seconds count due to her anti-Article 2A and Second Amendment Rights.  She’s quite happy to take guns out of your hands just like NH State Rep Katherine Rogers desires (who herself decided to physically assault a senior citizen just for holding a different political worldview).