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GrokEndorsement Executive Council, District 4. This is Very Impressive!

Grok Endorsement EC4To date, we have only issued one endorsement: Steve Negron running to represent New Hampshire from NH’s Second Congressional District (“CD-2”).  Today, we add another.

While all writers have the freedom to endorse anyone they want as individuals, official GraniteGrok endorsements require a majority of all of the writers voting (not everyone votes).  While we may all “read” the same on the issues, we do vary on candidates and sometimes “enthusiastically” (behind closed email/Slack doors). Most of our endorsements are contested – some of them highly so. As the title of this post implies, the result is impressive as all of the following writers at have cast their ballot for one person (alphabetical order):

  • Ed Naile
  • Dan Itse
  • Don Ewing
  • Ellen Kolb
  • Ian Underwood
  • Ken Eyring
  • Kimberly Morin
  • Mike Rogers
  • Rick Olson
  • Scott Morales
  • Skip Murphy
  • Susan Olsen

All of the aforementioned were unanimous in voting to have GraniteGrok endorse former NH State Rep, former NH State Senator candidate (who almost knocked off incumbent Dave Boutin even after being outspent 9-1 in the Primary), former NH Right To Life President, teacher, and entrepreneur:

Jane Cormier for NH Executive, District 4

Jane with 4 x 8 sign

While her opponent has been endorsed by the Union Leader (which shows how far it has fallen from being the premier conservative outlet in the State), our choice is Jane Cormier.  Why?

  • A relentless warrior for what is right
  • Never backs down, never gives up attitude
  • Has shown us the ability to mush forward even when circumstances would bring others to their knees

Best of all, she just doesn’t defend Conservative Principles; she lives them every single day.  Too many Republicans nowadays cloak themselves in the “Conservative Mantle” only to look aside and vote/legislate differently once in office (I bet we all could riff off five such names from the top of our heads).  Not Jane – In the eight years that I have known her, once her course has been set, she doesn’t vary until the job is done.  No matter the opposition arrayed against her, no matter the difficulty of the issue, she is always guided by Principle and always keeping her constituents in the forefront of her actions.

No, she doesn’t have the backing of the GOPe, the tacit approval of “the Elites of the Party,” or of the people behind the scenes acting Puppet Masters. She is her own person, beholden to no one and certainly (re: Puppet Masters) comes with no strings attached.  Conservative Principles, NH Constitution, US Constitution, NH GOP Platform – all are her guidebook.

I am wont to say two memes often during campaign/election season:

  • Winning is only a precursor; what is most important is what you do afterward.
  • I don’t want to have to worry about their votes/actions once in office.

Think on those for a moment – how many candidates say all the smooth silky words to get you to think “hey, sounds pretty solid, eh?” only to find out it was a mere facade.  How often have you voted for a charlatan who now you have to watch all the time, shake a pitchfork at them all the time (with a side order of tar), because you just don’t know how they will vote on the issues that are important to you? How often do they end up diving deep into the swamp that they campaigned against?

I know that Jane Cormier will fulfill the first meme just like we wish all politicians would.  I know that I will never have to worry about Jane debating over contracts or appointments for officials or judges.  She is that person that we need sitting on who gets to receive our tax monies, approves that that can change our lives in a heartbeat, and prevent bad things from growing roots into our society.

We all humbly ask that you vote for Jane Cormier in the upcoming Republican Primary for Executive Council District 4 if you are domiciled and are a registered voter in the City of Manchester and the Towns of Allenstown, Auburn, Barrington, Bedford, Bow, Candia, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Goffstown, Hooksett, Lee, Londonderry, Loudon, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, and Pittsfield.


SideNote I – we have two names missing from the above list of voting Groksters:

  • Steve Mac Donald – abstained because of a conflict of interest: he is a paid campaign staffer for the Cormier campaign doing social media. He informed me, however, with a very serious face that he would have voted for Jane if he wasn’t working on the campaign (heh!).
  • Peter Lemiska – I had not heard back from him by the time of this post going live.


Sidenote II – For the naysayers who will trumpet out that Jane Cormier is associated with GraniteGrok so this is just supporting “one of your own”. Two things:

  • When she became the President of NH Right To Life, she voluntarily stopped writing specifically for GraniteGrok as it was a conflict of interest; she’s always been about doing the right thing at the right time.  It has been a long while since she wrote a piece for the ‘Grok.
  • The qualities of Jane that I have written about in this post that make her uniquely qualified to be your next Executive Councilor are exactly the ones that had me seek her out to write for GraniteGrok years ago well before this race ever was a sparkle in her eyes.  The cart, as it were, is not before the horse.