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Nashua Didn’t See its “Housing Crisis” Cuz it Was Hiding Behind “The Rail Study”

nashuacityhallCapistrano has the swallows, and Nashua, New Hampshire has the rail study. Every legislative ‘season’ the transportation doyens staff up the winery so they can wail like banshees about rail-study money. We need 4-million dollars for another rail study. It’s always four million.

Since the same people will “study” rail with the same preconceived outcomes as every previous study (report, recommendation, guideline, etc) I’d be happy to save them a small fortune and provide reams of analysis on the subject if they send me a new unpackaged thumb drive and pay the cost of labor to populate it.

Trust me; it will be a yuge discount compared to $4,000,000.00. Yuge.

Once freed from this rail obsession Nashua can then direct its attention toward something like housing. The Union Leader reports that Nashua is.

“…way short of the number of housing units that we have. We have been underbuilding for several years, and it is absolutely reflected in our increased rents,” said Sarah Marchant, community development director. “Rents in Nashua have risen almost 20 percent in three years from the data that I have been looking at, and that is astronomical.”

Nashua has a housing crisis. I’m not sure how this is possible. Just shack the folks up with Democrat legislators (past and present) who have, for years, been letting people from out-of-state “live with them” for voting purposes.

It “works” everywhere its “tried.”

Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller-House Clarke had eight people registered from her “single-family” home in the historic voter fraud district in Portsmouth. All before Air b-n-b got going or the city of Portsmouth jumped in to regulate and tax the crap out of it, (none of which applied to Martha’s Motel).

Those folks from out-of-state  – some of whom got to vote (using absentee ballots)  – were living not just tax and rent free, but free from the taxes or fees we would have to pay as a result of their stealing our votes.

And if you want to talk about student voting rights, many of them were not students. They were campaign activists robbing you of your rights. But hey, they had “housing.” At least on paper. Nashua should do a study on that.

I think I know where they can ‘find’ some ‘money’ to pay for it.