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Anyone Call the Portsmouth ZBA on Martha’s Motel?

Martha's Motel Martha Fuller Clark home to out of state vote stealersMartha Fuller Clark’s palacious digs are in the Historic part of Portsmouth.  Not historically used for a motel, to be sure.  Certainly not plumbed, septic’d or sewer’d for the crowd she apparently had lodging at her family estate.

What we do know is that it is a historical voting district for Democrat voters, often from places other than New Hampshire, what we don’t know is if the Clark Family Voters were violating any zoning regulations.

Were they prolonged stays?  Free of charge?  Does that count as an in-kind political donation to any or many campaigns or candidates for whom these youngin’s were working?  If they did pay was it their money or campaign money? Was this recorded for the FEC and other interested agencies?

If they lived there and it was unclear whether they intended to commit to New Hampshire for just the election or longer, did they bring any stuff with them?  Clothes, personal items, an X-box, comfy chair, dorm fridge, TV, pay-stubs from the congressman or campaigns that were paying them to work while they lived there, or was it more like a political ruling class camp out situation with an overnight bag and an expense account?

How about the Fire Marshall?  Does she have enough exits, handrails, proper signage emergency lighting?  Is there an exit plan posted on the back of every door so Andrea Maire Riccio could find the emergency exits in the event of a fire and safely return to her own home and job as a congressional staffer in DC?  Were there emergency exits?

So many unanswered questions.