Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader is blowing it out his other pie-hole – Initial Response….and the Retort

Kevin Landrigan“He’s got Rand Paul, the federal Gun Owners of America, and “the leaders of GraniteGrok” on his side.

Some of you already know the outcome of the Union Leader claiming, with no basis whatsoever, that “leaders of GraniteGrok” were already behind Andy Sanborn in the NH CD-1.  That would be me and as I said here, that’s an assumption that Kevin Landrigan, crack political reporter with decades of experience, made.  We all know what Ass-u-me means, don’t we?

For those that don’t, let me put out the email trail.

As a reminder (emphasis mine):

From: “skipdcm” <>
Sent: 7/24/2018 9:26:24 AM
Subject: Retraction of a falsehood

I wish to bring this to your attention:

“He’s got Rand Paul, the federal Gun Owners of America, and leader of GraniteGrok on his side.“

Kevin Landrigan, you nor anyone else from the Union Leader, ever contacted me for this deliberatively false statement. I hereby demand a retraction from you and the Union leader both as a separate post on your front page as well as a retraction within the article itself.

– Skip
Owner / co-founder

Note my timing – 9:26 am. As I alluded to here, here was the response from Union Leader Executive :

From: “Trent Spiner” <>
To: “skipdcm” <>
Cc: “Kevin Landrigan” <>
Sent: 7/24/2018 1:36:00 PM
Subject: Re: Retraction of a falsehood

Hi Skip,

Thanks for writing. What we were trying to say was that Sen. Sanborn has had your support over the years. But we certainly understand you have not endorsed this cycle and I appreciate you bringing the issue to my attention. We will be issuing a correction shortly.


Right. Four hours later – at the speed of Government?  In this, Spiner sounds exactly like Progressive State Rep Timothy Horrigan – factually correct but deflective (if even on topic) when he leaves a comment here at the ‘Grok (although I give him grudging props for even showing up – at least he has the courage of his convictions to speak up and his philosophical kin won’t).

I just shook my head in disbelief; how does one go from

  • 1) this:         “He’s got Rand Paul, the federal Gun Owners of America, and leader of GraniteGrok on his side.“
  • 2) to that:    “What we were trying to say was that Sen. Sanborn has had your support over the years.”


Right.  How the HECK does one go from #2 to #1?  I understand that a writer will sometimes take a little bit of liberties with their words and ASSUME things, because of word counts, like “hey, my readers will certainly know the history!”.  But how many of them know OUR history and MY history?  Or was this not really an assumption  at all but an attempt at either throwing some shade or subtle electioneering on the Union Leader’s part (either by Landrigan and now Spiner has to support it, or both)?

Conspiracy theory?  I really can’t tell or know.  What I do know is that *I* certainly can’t get from theah from heah (#2 to #1).  I let him know that AFTER this:

“skipdcm” <>
to “Trent Spiner” <> and copy to “Kevin Landrigan” <>
Tue 7/24/2018 2:06 PM

Thank you for your attention in this matter. Please let me know when the correction has gone live.

– Skip

Ploddingly slow:

From: “Trent Spiner” <>
To: “skipdcm” <>
Sent: 7/24/2018 3:46:21 PM
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Retraction of a falsehood

Thanks, Skip. That should have gone up a while ago but let me know if you’re still seeing an old version.


But did said correction go up when he said it did?