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Weare Rep Neal Kurk Not Running for Re-election

Rep Neal Kurk - Weare
Rep Neal Kurk – Weare

WMUR is reporting that Weare, NH House Rep Neal Kurk will not seek a 17th term.

Kurk, a fiscal watchdog and privacy hawk, is in his 16th term in the House, and according to several sources, has decided not to seek a 17th term in 2018. During many of those terms, Kurk chaired the House’s most powerful committee, which plays a huge role in the development of the state budget and has significant input on all fiscal matters.

Kurk abandoned his long-held zero-tolerance policy toward license plate scanners, and now they are legal. He also came out against SB193 killing Education Savings accounts as well. We’ve had ample other difference with Rep. Kurk, so we’re not all that sad to see him go.

He’s clearly been in the Concord swamp too long.