RRftSotRP – I get stuff. Third lesson: "if only the opposition would just go away or agree with us" - Granite Grok

RRftSotRP – I get stuff. Third lesson: “if only the opposition would just go away or agree with us”

Not a freaking clue:

RRftSotRP Missive - front-600 Part 3

Wow – just wow.  RRftSotRP (Republican Republican for the Sake of the Rebin big steaming piles on this one. The writer is obviously upset in that there is not total agreement with NH GOP Party anointed candidates.  The overriding message is exemplified by this:

(courtesy of uber-Progressive Joe Wernig)

Er, no, I’m not.  Not that from the writer. Nor should you.

The stereotype is that Democrats all herd together and Republicans are all over the map (although the Civil War now in progress (see what I did there!) between the small contingent of Blue Dog Democrats (Joe Manchin), regular Progressives (aka, small “S” Socialists) and the Bernie Sanders wing of the party (aka, RAGING Socialists almost indistinguishable from Communists) is a delight to watch.  Scary, too, if the latter wing wins out given how little normal Americans, especially Millenials, know what socialism really ends up being like). But I digress.

A RRftSotRP-er is one that locksteps – what ever gets thrown against the wall and sticks, goes with it.  So let me ask these questions – there are a number of Republicans that have been elected in NH that:

  • Are Pro-Choice – as a Christian, am I supposed to just give up my deeply held belief in the sanctity of life just the sake of a political party? Democrats are almost exclusively pro-“killing a baby is fine by us”

Sidenote: that’s why I find this current faux outrage by them over the separation of illegal alien children from their supposed parents simply disgusting. If you don’t care about them in the womb, why do you care about them afterwards.  Where’s the outrage about the 10,000 kids whose parents deliberately separated from their children by sending them un- accompanied on a dangerous and sometimes fatal trip from who knows where to our border? Isn’t that FAR worse than what you are complaining about?

It’s never about the root causes with these people – it’s only about the political.  Glad to see that Trump is Alinsky’ing them.

  • Are Pro-union.  As a Free Market guy, am I supposed to just give up my deeply held belief that I shouldn’t have to be forced to associate with others just to be able to feed and take care of my family? Must I pay money to a group that is antithetical to the beliefs I have?
  • Are Pro-Big Government – that Government should pick winners and losers (like Jeb Bradley has tried to do with forcing ALL of us here in NH to subsidize otherwise biomass electrical generating biomass plants and force higher energy prices on everyone else)?
  • Are Pro-Big Government – upsizing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of Government (like Jeb did with Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion here in NH)?

In other words, if a Republican candidate is all those things and more, and has no regard for the NH GOP Platform planks nor the spirit / letter of the NH or US Constitutions, we are supposed to put aside our “thinking caps” and blindly act like Democrat sheeple just because “it’s a REPUBLICAN, dang it!”.

Er, no.

There were very good reasons why Brown, Ayotte, and Havenstein didn’t win.  It wasn’t that “splinter groups / opposition candidates” existed to be the opposition that those three lost – those “splinter groups / opposition candidates” existed BECAUSE they were the candidates. The writer doesn’t explain that and having “been there, done that”, if those three had been credible, RELIABLE, candidates with whom I would never have to worry about their votes or actions, I might have supported them.

They weren’t. Their own history, their own words, disqualified them. When you BOAST that you help the Democrats advance their agenda (e.g., Ayotte working with Shaheen to force standards onto the marketplace and inferring that it was a “marketplace failure” that appliances weren’t efficient enough.  Now my dishwasher needs to be run twice and my clothes aren’t as clean with my old washing machine. But EFFICIENCY and Government – two words NO ONE should ever utter in the same BOOK, forget the same sentence), why would I WANT to give up my precious Vote for that? That for years, she couldn’t even “phone it in” in talking to the activist core and instead became the butt of a running joke of her own making of “who is going to read the expected letter tonite?” in showing a disregard to those that brung her to her dance?

There are two basic problems with this attitude – one is the lockstep mindset and the accompanying assertion “if you are a Republican, you OWE us your vote”.

The other is that the Republican Party (and RRftSotRP-ers therein), while ostensibly value the Free Market (only ostensibly – see Jeb Bradley, above), they don’t see politics in the same light; they are wrong NOT to do so.

Politics is THE Arena of Ideas that affect all of us (like it or not).  What the writer refuses to acknowledge, is that fact.  If you don’t have tenable ideas, or in the case of Jeb Bradley legislate/vote-a-likes with respect to the Market, or Pro-Union/Anti-Freedom or Pro-Baby Killers, if you aren’t one that is willing to keep Government out of the areas it should not be in / corralled into those areas it should be limited to, be prepared to lose.  Be prepared to have others to have alternative ideas and proposals that will propose to do WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING. Full Stop.

Or, be prepared to lose people like me when I go into the ballot booth.

The writer isn’t “getting it” – you can say “We can’t afford to wait for a ‘future’ where ‘we’ll get a better candidate next time” all you want.  Go ahead, party on dude – just not with a sufficient number of us that reject that.  You see, that’s another idea that isn’t flying in the Marketplace of Politics.

You see, the RRftSotRP-ers refuse to see politics as just another variation of a Marketplace.  They neither understand or accept that people like me view their Votes as being just as precious as the money we spend in the Commercial Marketplace.  Few of us will willy-nilly throw down a good chunk of change to purchase what we know to be a substandard product or service.  It just isn’t going to happen. Why would the writer expect that we would “spend” our vote, show our support, for a candidate that doesn’t meet all of our BASIC requirements?

The Platform shows what that should be.  So do the Constitutions. It ain’t that hard folks – it is expected by a large contingent of voters. NEVER expect that just because someone got one more vote than others in a primary that they are owed our votes in the general election.

And contra to the false assumption, “With that history, who would want to run against Jeanne Shaheen in 2020?“, it is clear that the blinders are on and that the bony finger is pointing in the wrong direction.  When you have baggage that makes you untenable because one is supporting the Democrat agenda items (e.g., Brown boasting that his record in the Senate spiraled downward to only voting with the Republicans in his last year of being a US Senator from MA and was considered to be a real danger to our Second Amendment Rights).

Even though I am not a Republican, I’ll support one when they support the ideas that Republicans have declared to be important.  if not, well, be prepared for more election fiascoes.

Your choice, first.  Mine, second.


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