Pine Tree Ramblings - Vol 9 - Granite Grok

Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 9

Pine TreeI often find myself tweeting the hashtag #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

And I really do mean it.

I’ve seen Liberals tweet, post and blog and I’ve heard them speak.  Many, many times, I ask myself, “is this person crazy, stupid or just malicious?”  There is hardly an example in all of my interactions with Liberals where I haven’t scratched my head as this question swims within it.

Do they think the way they do simply to contradict conservative thought processes (and claim the righteous high-ground) or are they deliberately trying to destroy the footings of American society?  Are they simply wired to take the side of evil, tyranny and failure?  Are they so mentally weak that they automatically squash any notion of individual determination and responsibility, seeing government as an elevated breed of select humans, the only solution to every problem?

I honestly don’t know why they think, say and do the things they do and it hurts my head trying to rationalize it.

Well, the good news is that there are people out there who have an easier time putting their arms around such things and I seek them out as a matter of therapy; the good ones never failing to confirm that I am neither alone nor crazy.  People like Rush Limbaugh have this talent, as do Andrew Breitbart, Charles Krauthhammer, Thomas Sowell, Mark Steyn and others.

But there is one person in particular who has the ability to both educate and entertain me, while simultaneously supplying that dose of much needed therapy.  Maybe you agree with me.

Here are two examples of Evan Sayet’s work, both worthy of your time:

The first is a video of his 2013 speech to The Heritage Foundation titled “The Kindergarden of Eden“, where he frames the nature of Liberal “indiscriminance of thought” and how it has caused them to misjudge every major societal development for decades.  I am in awe how this man can free-style his way through the Liberal “mindscape”.

The second is a tract of his, published in 2017 on, titled “He Fights“, where he argues that the indignity and vulgarity of Donald Trump (like him or not) is an absolute necessity in fighting a successful war against Liberalism and their destruction of our society.