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Observations from President Trump’s Most Recent Visit to New Hampshire

President Trump
Image credit, NH House rep. Josh Moore

By Josh Moore

Back on March 18th, President Donald Trump made his first appearance in New Hampshire since the night before the 2016 election. The President was accompanied by his wife, Melania and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and Thousands of voters packed the SNHU arena in Manchester.

President Trump spoke before this large crowd of supporters on how he plans to solve the opioid crisis with which New Hampshire has been known to struggle. But the President’s focus was not just on New Hampshire, as he laid out a plan he proposed for the entire nation.

First, give the death penalty to drug traffickers. The cause and effect of trafficking drugs, how the offenders who traffic these opioids do it knowing that these drugs will lead to deaths, justify such punishment.

President Trump showed his continued support for law enforcement. Many law enforcement officers were in the crowd, and the President spoke highly of their accomplishments in the greater Boston region, cracking down on MS-13 gang members.

Concern for kids in their adolescence years was stressed as well. Mike Kelly, President of US operations for Adapt Pharma, spoke before the crowd and said that they have donated several hundred thousand Narcan kits to schools across the nation as a safety measure, in case an overdose occurs on school grounds.

As the President boldly addressed the crowd about how illegal immigration is playing a large role in the drug trafficking, chants from the audience began- “Build the wall! Build the wall!”

President Trump, in his unorthodox but genuine approach to public speaking, invited parents up on stage with him to tell their story. Their son got hooked on hard drugs and overdose roughly two years ago even though he had received his college degree and had a bright future ahead of him.

Melania Trump, at one point, also approached the stage to talk about what she has seen and heard around the nation regarding the opioid problem. It appeared that the First Lady has a heart for this issue and has a firm understanding as to what the people are going through.

Judging by the reaction after the conclusion of the President’s speech, listeners walked away on Monday with hope that the President not only understands the struggle that the Granite State is facing, but that he will follow through with his plan to help solve this issue; an issue that is not just unique to New Hampshire, but the nation.


Editor Note: Josh attended the event in person, but due to some unexplained technical issues we were never quite able to get his forwarded observations “in-hand” to publish it in a timely manner.