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NH Number One In Child Welfare But That’s Just Not Good Enough

Call of Duty - Infinte Welfare -S.MacDonald 2016-05-31So, about your children?

New Hampshire is the highest-ranked state for children’s well-being, according to a national survey released on Wednesday.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count report, based on data from 2016, ranks New Hampshire first overall and second in economic well-being, with drops in the number of children living in households with high cost burdens and children living in poverty.

New Hampshire also topped the list last year.

The Granite State has a long history of low poverty which is instructive when you consider that we eschew all the faulty tax schemes of the blue states and their big welfare budgets. We do very well in most other categories too. Although depending on who is doing what survey, we don’t spend enough on this or that program so they hold that against us.

Like this, for example.

However, the survey noted that 5 percent of New Hampshire’s teens abused alcohol and drugs, which places the state at its lowest ranking of 24th in the country. ..

He said the report does not account for the increasing number of children being removed from their homes, nor does it fully take into consideration the opioid epidemic’s impact on New Hampshire’s youth.

I understand how far-left Democrat policy impacts New Hampshire Youth.

The opioid issue is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of Progressive illegal immigration and open border policy. So, anyone who invokes that “crisis” without committing to border security and limiting who gets in shouldn’t be taken seriously because taking that problem seriously really would be for the children. Yours.

But don’t expect anyone on the left to change their tune. They are clearly content to let narco-terrorists, gangs, and drugs use unobstructed immigration policy to make their way up to New Hampshire for whatever motives are driving their reckless priorities.