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NY: Following in line with the British – only a matter of time before they come for your steak knives

It may not be long before machetes are banned in New York.  The Empire State’s Senate passed a bill, S.3199A, by a 54-5 vote margin Tuesday classifying a machete as a “deadly weapon,” making it a crime to possess one with the penalty of up to one year in prison.

macheteAyup.  Having already made a large percentage of their citizens into felons by passing the gun-hating SAFE Act (which hasn’t done what the gun-haters wanted as there are a very large percentage of gun owners subject to that law that have decided that being in a state of Irish Democracy is just fine with them), the Progressive who want ONLY The State to have the tools of Force are at it again.

Many of the legislation’s co-sponsors have long advocated the criminalization of machetes, and it will now head to the state Assembly, where the fate of the bill will be decided.   “Despite the obvious serious injury that can be caused by the use of a machete,” state Sen. Tony Avella (D) wrote in a memo, “such weapons have not been included in the penal law’s definition of ‘deadly weapon.’”

Well, of COURSE he’s a Democrat. Well, of COURSE it can – but it’s primary use is either in camping bushwhacking a trail, landscape work, or on a farm. But of COURSE, these Progressives see the evil in everything and their mindset is that they can never trust other citizens – they always see the worst possible and then immediately punish everyone else possible.

He went on to say it is “surprising” that the knife had not previously been marked as a “deadly weapon,” “given the common knowledge that machetes have often been used as weapons and are actually defined as such in Webster’s dictionary.”  A machete is defined as a “large, heavy knife that is used for cutting plants and as a weapon,” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

So, what has happened when NY State cracked down on firearms and at the same time, NYC Mayor de Blasio decided that “stop and frisk” was a Progressive no-no, and you get what you expected:

…The Senate’s passage of the legislation comes on the heels of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio acknowledging a drop in the city’s murders and shootings, but noting that slashings and stabbings are increasing. According to Guns.com, the number of knife attacks in the Big Apple for the first quarter of 2016 increased by more than 20 percent to 899, up from 746 such attacks at the same time last year.

So, yet another man-made problem based on disregarding the possibility of Unknown Consequences (actually, one that a lot of us knew from the get-go that would happen).  And yet, how many attackers used a machete?  Only one more than what NH State Rep Katherine Rogers thought would happen after learning that “civilians” could purchase a flamethrower (when she tried to outlaw that as well before any ill had happened):

Similar legislation introduced last year by Avella after a fatal machete attack in Long Island, New York, failed to gain much traction due to multiple challenges.  However, state leaders are determined to do something to curb the violent attacks occurring with knives.

Cooler heads prevailed on the machete earlier.  But this is mirroring exactly what is happening in Britain.  Having already outlawed pretty much lawful gun ownership, they started to have the same problem – more and more knife attacks.  So, they’ve been trying to disarm their populace of edged weapons AND then they had to turn to bats.  But this I thought a bit strange:

“Stabbings and slashings aren’t going away,” NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said at a press conference, adding that such crimes are a “reality” for those living in New York City.

Ayup, the bigotry of low expectations.  What was that about the primary purpose of Government?

Oh yeah, keeping its citizens safe.  But Bratton basically just shrugged his shoulders. Is it an expectation for New Yorkers to relive the Mayor Dinkins administration when NYC was known for its crime?  But back to the machete bit;

Neither Bratton nor de Blasio have directly mentioned concerns over machetes.