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NH GOP Elected Politicians – Trust? We don’t need to build Trust. What a quaint idea you have!


And then some high up GOPe-er rants about “We need to reverse the trend of voters preferring Democrats over Republicans“?

Sorry, I’ve already digressed; that will be another series of posts. But keep it in mind as you read the following. And they wonder why I added the word “Snarl” to my blogging vocabulary because the NH GOP has seemingly deleted the word “Trust” from their “governance” vocab.

Well, I guess sometimes “snarl”ing can make a difference – this came in over the weekend from a reader that was screwed over by NH GOP elected politicians and laments that Bill O’Brien wasn’t still Speaker (emphasis mine).

I saw Dave Solomon’s column about your meeting with Sununu. I want to tell you about our bad experience with the legislators in Concord and why they can’t be trusted. Last year we had a meeting regarding SB247, the lead bill. The meeting consisted of several landlords, myself included, nonprofit leaders, Senator Bradley, Senator Feltes, and Elliot Berry of NH Legal Aid. After several hours we reached an agreement and we all agreed to support the compromise bill, which still had to go to the House Finance Committee because it required the state to contribute 3 million dollars to a lead remediation fund.

We thought that the money may be done away with but we were in for a real lesson on how Concord works.

Senator Felte’s side did not keep their word and lobbied the Finance Committee, who rewrote the entire bill. Governer Sununu also took their side. This turned the tide against us. Senator Bradley endorsed the new bill, even though he gave us his word that he would support the compromise bill. Needless to say, the bill passed with all the Dems and many Republicans voting for it. Even a high ranking Republican rep who testified against the bill voted for it, citing pressure from leadership. So much for standing on principle.

We got screwed by the legislators who failed to keep their word and a Governor who turned his back on us. It appeared to me that he was more interested in pandering to the Democrats than sticking to conservative principles. With his actions he hurt thousands of small business people.

By their behavior, they eroded the public’s trust. I believe that if Speaker O’Brien was still the House Speaker I doubt that this fiasco would have been allowed to happened, just my opinion.

In short, this is about Trust – or rather, the lack of it.  So once again, the NH GOP representatives say one thing, were trusted to follow up faithfully on their word and then shivved the guy and those with him in the back.  Morons – you had the opportunity to gain a bit of loyalty, to show Consistency, and you blew him off and those working with him.

Well, bucko, here’s the reason right here why people aren’t helping, aren’t donating, and are excoriating the NH GOP.  Why do you think I’m so down on the NH GOP after I encountered my “last straw” when Jeb Bradley LIED TO MY FACE in a meeting with others attending about Medicaid Expansion – and then double-crossed everyone in that room by announcing said legislation the next morning as opposed to the innuendo of not doing so he left in everyone else’s minds.

In both of these cases, the message from NH Republicans was “screw you”.  Yeah, that kinda throws my meme of “Consistency breeds Trust yields Votes“. While it seems that the vaunted “Blue Wave” nationally is turning into a pebble’s ripple on a still mud pond, it may be still in play here in NH. And you will have brought it upon yourselves because you just can’t seem to execute on the one thing people want – Consistency.

Funny, though – things like this always seem to involved Jeb Bradley – why is that?  And what is the NH GOP going to do about it?