So, Dave Solomon from the Union Leader, who was your little snitch that ran right to you?

SnitchNot that I would expect him to tell us but it is clear that somebody thought they could puff up their chests for some dufus reason.  At least he quoted my printed word correctly:

And they wonder why the base is starting to snarl.

(It’s hard to miss when it is in black and white). And what I’ve said before, is that Concord often follows Washington DC in Republican voting, has been repeated once again. Major bills that should have passed, after we gave the GOP the House, the Senate, and the Corner Office, have failed. Important ones to the conservative base.  Ones that should have breezed through – if the NH GOP patrolled itself a bit better.  We do the heavy lifting come vote time – like any investor, we expect an ROI on that investment of time, effort, and sometimes, real money. At the end of the season, why shouldn’t we, like investors at quarterly/end year, look back and say “were they worth it”?  What you’re hearing is “er, nope” (stronger terms should be imagined).

Rather than concentrating on “snarl“, they ought to be feeling extremely blessed that pitchforks, tar, and feathers have already stormed the ramparts. Look, we opine on all kinds of stuff all the time – and those bills he mentioned have been prime targets for us over this last legislative season.  After all, we’re not the shy, retiring folks, are we?

The larger question is – who really let the cat out of this bag? Who really, with hard and fast details, deliberately tried to make themselves into BMOCs (Big Man On Campus).  Who was so anxious to feel good about themselves to get it into print.  Was it a conservative activist or was it staff members? Hey, this is politics, don’t think that a strategic “leak” was allowed to go out:

The session at the historic Concord property with Sununu on PowerPoint did not involve incumbent elected officeholders. Invitees included people like former House Speaker Bill O’Brien, Tea Party organizer and state GOP chair Jack Kimball, incumbent state GOP chair Jeanie Forrester, former gubernatorial and senatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne, and President Trump’s N.H. co-chairman Steve Stepanek, to name a few.

According to sources at the closed-door session, it was a mixed reception….

So while we opine in general, this snot had to name names, locations, and specific topics.  Nothing I have written isn’t anything I or the other Groksters haven’t said before – after all, with almost 13,000 posts from me, there isn’t much I haven’t written about.  And it is the end of the legislative season – and if you go look on social media, the vast majority of activists have already been saying the same things as we have here, so why the surprise?

Not that I’m shocked about the “I’m bigger than you all think I am” leaker – NOTHING in this internet-driven world is a secret no matter what asked beforehand.

No, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what animates the base and what the base wants.  Giving them a chance to do it in person – kudos.