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It’s Still Voter Fraud – Like It Or Not

Burning USS Raleigh on NH State FlagNew Hampshire has about 980,000 registered voters.

At least 5,300 of those voters:

  • Can’t legally register their dog in New Hampshire.
  • May not legally obtain a NH hunting license.
  • None of those “voters” are qualified to be called for jury duty in the Granite State.
  • Are paying out-of-state college tuition at NH State Colleges because they cannot legally sign the domicile statement on the NH Resident Tuition Form.

The same number used an out-of-state driver’s license as identification to help NH elect candidates.

A US Senate was determined by 1,017 votes in November 2016.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office’s, Anne Edwards, recent voter fraud investigation found a “handful” of illegal voters.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has approximately 14,000 returned, uninvestigated, same-day voter envelopes still sitting in their office from 2012 and 2014.

When New Hampshire loses the First in the Nation Presidential Primary, this will be a major reason why.