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Notable Quote – Judge James Ho

Sorry, but the good judge got one thing really wrong – the word “allow” (emphasis mine):

To be sure, many Americans of good faith bemoan the amount of money spent on campaign contributions and political speech. But if you don’t like big money in politics, then you should oppose big government in our lives. Because the former is a necessary consequence of the latter. When government grows larger, when regulators pick more and more economic winners and losers, participation in the political process ceases to be merely a citizen’s prerogative—it becomes a human necessity. This is the inevitable result of a government that would be unrecognizable to our Founders. See, e.g., NFIB v. Sebelius, 567 U.S. 519 (2012).

So if there is too much money in politics, it’s because there’s too much government. The size and scope of government makes such spending essential. See, e.g., EMILY’s List v. FEC, 581 F.3d 1, 33 (D.C. Cir. 2009) (Brown, J., concurring) (“The more power is at stake, the more money will be used to shield, deflect, or co-opt it. So long as the government can take and redistribute a man’s livelihood, there will always be money in politics.”).

But whatever size government we choose, the Constitution requires that it comply with our cherished First Amendment right to speak and to participate in our own governance. If we’re going to ask taxpayers to devote a substantial percentage of their hard-earned income to fund the innumerable activities of federal, state, and local government, we should at the very least allow citizens to spend a fraction of that amount to speak out about how the government should spend their money.

Judge James Ho of the US Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit

The Left decries the amount of money spent on elections – they’re frauds.  I’ve been saying the above for years: the reason why the contests are so expensive is because the spoils are so rich.  And make no mistake, control of Government can make people very rich indeed.  With the stakes so high, the money is spent so as to leave no stone unturned that would upset the apple cart to the seats and levers of power which include the key to the Treasury.

The Left has found, so they are screaming, that decisions should be made locally instead of in DC.  Don’t worry, they haven’t changed their spots – it’s only because TRUMP and only because THEY don’t have the DC power.  If they really meant it, they’d be screaming not only about the deficit but cutting spending to decrease the power of the Feds.  If you notice, they aren’t.

That’s because they believe they soon will have the Power back and then their talk about Federalism will be only a forgotten memory.  You know, like the talk of homelessness exists when Republicans are in charge but goes away when Democrats are.  You know, like the protests of anti-war are turned up to 11 when a Republican is in charge and then the plug is pulled when the Democrats ride the pendulum back in.

So the Dems are lying about getting money out of politics when they say there’s too much money in politics even as Obama was the first to break the Billion Dollar campaign mark and Hillary spent almost a Billion and a Half. And it holds true the rest of the way down the ticket.

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen