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New Hampshire Democrats Oppose ‘Common Sense’ Gun Legislation.


The New Hampshire House voted 184-146 to advance Senate Bill 500, housekeeping legislation meant to clean up the language in firearms statutes in the GraniteState.

Unlike the State Senate where approval was unanimous SB500 did not garner overwhelming bipartisan support in the NH House. In fact, it received very little support from House Democrats with 139 of the 146 no votes coming from the left.

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Those not hampered by Everyday Math or its educational-reform progeny will notice that there were seven votes left over. (146-139 = How does that make you feel?) If you are an actual Republican, there are two feelings.

First thought, “Only seven “Republicans” in that caucus voted no. Happy Day!”

Second thought, ” I can’t believe I even had that first thought!”

Such is the yoke we bear. Northeast Republicans, often referred to outside New England as Democrats, continue to pollute the ranks of the party leaving their mark on a laundry list of bad policy ideas and far too many good ones they rejected.

If there were more of them a bill as mundane as SB 500 would have failed which is sad because all it does is make certain that definitions related to firearms in existing law all arrive at the same conclusion. This word means this, that word means that. And so on. It made the law easier to understand and enforce. Domestic violence, fish and game, yadda-yadda, all the same.

Voting against it would only leave the confusion in place.

Voters need to consider the degree of partisan zealotry required for ‘Democrats’ to oppose something that is the definition of a common sense gun law and how that colors the ability of those elected officials to represent anything other than a blind devotion to a party narrative?

It is extremist in thinking and practice, and sure you could try to make the same argument for Republicans but do their priorities pose an inherent and deliberate danger to your liberties and the foundation of the Republic?

The Democrats campaign talking points heading toward November amount to little more than we’re not Trump and we don’t support him. Great. Republicans had remarkable success using that strategy against them thanks to Obama. But if we’re being honest, the status quo is far less of a threat.

Republicans didn’t try to take away your right to self-defense which isn’t by the way, limited to firearms. Democrats will not just advocate disarmament policies given the opportunuty and the power they’ll punish you for defending yourself from assault by criminals. Defending yourself from an intruder will get you arrested. Harming that intruder will get you arrested and sued. It happens in the liberal states already. Adding New Hampshire to that club is on the left’s bucket list.

Republicans aren’t blocking speech they oppose. Democrats aided and abetted marches to stop speech. Several of them. They advocated acts of intimidation and violence to silence speakers. Your elected New Hampshire Democrats, those that did openly support or foment such violations of natural rights, at the very least they failed consistently to speak out against these acts or to stand in defense of speech even when it was speech they opposed.

And in what would be the most radical and dangerous priority is that they and the state have the right to decide what a is a human being (entitled to what few rights they’d be willing to afford) and when.

That’s not the end. The worldview that embraces these policies would engage with others to like ends. A thought process that also makes it impossible for Democrats to support a bill like SB500.

It is the true mark of a radical, more committed to party and power than people and liberty.

If you do not stand up and oppose them by voting for someone or somethng else, you will get what you did not ask for and they will not stop until your freedoms are dead.

House Rep Party County District Vote
Abbott, Michael Democrat Cheshire 1 Nay
Abel, Richard Democrat Grafton 13 Nay
Almy, Susan Democrat Grafton 13 Nay
Altschiller, Debra Democrat Rockingham 19 Nay
Ames, Richard Democrat Cheshire 9 Nay
Backus, Robert Democrat Hillsborough 19 Nay
Bartlett, Christy Democrat Merrimack 19 Nay
Beaulieu, Jane Democrat Hillsborough 45 Nay
Bennett, Travis Democrat Grafton 8 Nay
Berch, Paul Democrat Cheshire 1 Nay
Berrien, Skip Democrat Rockingham 18 Nay
Bixby, Peter Democrat Strafford 17 Nay
Bordenet, John Democrat Cheshire 5 Nay
Bouldin, Amanda Democrat Hillsborough 12 Nay
Buco, Thomas Democrat Carroll 2 Nay
Burridge, Delmar Democrat Cheshire 16 Nay
Burton, Wayne Democrat Strafford 6 Nay
Butler, Edward Democrat Carroll 7 Nay
Cahill, Michael Democrat Rockingham 17 Nay
Cali-Pitts, Jacqueline Democrat Rockingham 30 Nay
Campion, Polly Democrat Grafton 12 Nay
Carson, Clyde Democrat Merrimack 7 Nay
Chandley, Shannon Democrat Hillsborough 22 Nay
Cilley, Jacalyn Democrat Strafford 4 Nay
Cleaver, Skip Democrat Hillsborough 35 Nay
Cloutier, John Democrat Sullivan 10 Nay
Conley, Casey Democrat Strafford 13 Nay
Connors, Erika Democrat Hillsborough 15 Nay
Cornell, Patricia Democrat Hillsborough 18 Nay
Cushing, Robert Renny Democrat Rockingham 21 Nay
DiLorenzo, Charlotte Democrat Rockingham 17 Nay
Doherty, David Democrat Merrimack 20 Nay
Dontonville, Roger Democrat Grafton 10 Nay
Eaton, Daniel Democrat Cheshire 3 Nay
Ebel, Karen Democrat Merrimack 5 Nay
Edgar, Michael Democrat Rockingham 21 Nay
Elber, Joel Democrat Hillsborough 19 Nay
Ellis, Donna Democrat Strafford 8 Nay
Farnham, Betsey Democrat Rockingham 18 Nay
Faulkner, Barry Democrat Cheshire 12 Nay
Fenton, Donovan Democrat Cheshire 8 Nay
Forest, Armand Democrat Hillsborough 18 Nay
Francese, Paula Democrat Rockingham 18 Nay
Freitas, Mary Democrat Hillsborough 14 Nay
Frost, Sherry Democrat Strafford 16 Nay
Gile, Mary Democrat Merrimack 27 Nay
Gilman, Julie Democrat Rockingham 18 Nay
Gordon, Pamela Democrat Rockingham 29 Nay
Gottling, Suzanne Democrat Sullivan 2 Nay
Gourgue, Amanda Democrat Strafford 25 Nay
Grassie, Chuck Democrat Strafford 11 Nay
Harvey, Suzanne Democrat Hillsborough 29 Nay
Hatch, William Democrat Coos 6 Nay
Heath, Mary Democrat Hillsborough 14 Nay
Henle, Paul Democrat Merrimack 12 Nay
Higgins, Patricia Democrat Grafton 12 Nay
Horrigan, Timothy Democrat Strafford 6 Nay
Huot, David Democrat Belknap 3 Nay
Irwin, Virginia Democrat Sullivan 6 Nay
Jack, Martin Democrat Hillsborough 36 Nay
Jeudy, Jean Democrat Hillsborough 10 Nay
Johnsen, Gladys Democrat Cheshire 7 Nay
Josephson, Timothy Democrat Grafton 11 Nay
Keane, Amelia Democrat Hillsborough 31 Nay
Keans, Sandra Democrat Strafford 23 Nay
Kenison, Linda Democrat Merrimack 15 Nay
Knirk, Jerry Democrat Carroll 3 Nay
Krans, Hamilton Democrat Strafford 14 Nay
Laflamme, Larry Democrat Coos 3 Nay
Le, Tamara Democrat Rockingham 31 Nay
Leishman, Peter Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Lerner, Kari Democrat Rockingham 4 Nay
Ley, Douglas Democrat Cheshire 9 Nay
Lisle, David Democrat Hillsborough 35 Nay
Long, Patrick Democrat Hillsborough 10 Nay
Lovejoy, Patricia Democrat Rockingham 36 Nay
Luneau, David Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
MacKay, James Democrat Merrimack 14 Nay
MacKenzie, Mark Democrat Hillsborough 17 Nay
Maes, Kevin Democrat Grafton 6 Nay
Malloy, Dennis Democrat Rockingham 23 Nay
Manley, Jonathan Democrat Hillsborough 3 Nay
Martin, Joelle Democrat Hillsborough 23 Nay
Martineau, Jesse Democrat Hillsborough 42 Nay
Massimilla, Linda Democrat Grafton 1 Nay
McBeath, Rebecca Democrat Rockingham 26 Nay
McNamara, Richard Democrat Hillsborough 38 Nay
Meader, David Democrat Cheshire 6 Nay
Messmer, Mindi Democrat Rockingham 24 Nay
Moffett, Howard Democrat Merrimack 9 Nay
Moynihan, Wayne Democrat Coos 2 Nay
Mulligan, Mary Jane Democrat Grafton 12 Nay
Murray, Kate Democrat Rockingham 24 Nay
Newman, Sue Democrat Hillsborough 29 Nay
Nordgren, Sharon Democrat Grafton 12 Nay
Nutting, Allison Democrat Hillsborough 34 Nay
O’Brien, Michael Democrat Hillsborough 36 Nay
O’Leary, Richard Democrat Hillsborough 13 Nay
Opderbecke, Linn Democrat Strafford 15 Nay
Oxenham, Lee Democrat Sullivan 1 Nay
Pantelakos, Laura Democrat Rockingham 25 Nay
Parkhurst, Henry Democrat Cheshire 13 Nay
Patten, Dick Democrat Merrimack 17 Nay
Pearson, William Democrat Cheshire 16 Nay
Porter, Marjorie Democrat Hillsborough 1 Nay
Read, Ellen Democrat Rockingham 17 Nay
Roberts, Carol Democrat Hillsborough 4 Nay
Rogers, Katherine Democrat Merrimack 28 Nay
Rosenwald, Cindy Democrat Hillsborough 30 Nay
Salloway, Jeffrey Democrat Strafford 5 Nay
Sandler, Catt Democrat Strafford 21 Nay
Schmidt, Janice Democrat Hillsborough 28 Nay
Schmidt, Peter Democrat Strafford 19 Nay
Schuett, Dianne Democrat Merrimack 20 Nay
Schultz, Kristina Democrat Merrimack 18 Nay
Shepardson, Marjorie Democrat Cheshire 10 Nay
Shurtleff, Stephen Democrat Merrimack 11 Nay
Smith, Marjorie Democrat Strafford 6 Nay
Smith, Suzanne Democrat Grafton 8 Nay
Sofikitis, Catherine Democrat Hillsborough 34 Nay
Somssich, Peter Democrat Rockingham 27 Nay
Southworth, Thomas Democrat Strafford 20 Nay
Spagnuolo, Philip Democrat Belknap 3 Nay
Sullivan, Brian Democrat Sullivan 1 Nay
Sullivan, Daniel Democrat Hillsborough 8 Nay
Sykes, George Democrat Grafton 13 Nay
Tanner, Linda Democrat Sullivan 9 Nay
Tatro, Bruce Democrat Cheshire 15 Nay
Thomas, Yvonne Democrat Coos 3 Nay
Treleaven, Susan Democrat Strafford 17 Nay
Tucker, Edith Democrat Coos 5 Nay
Van Houten, Connie Democrat Hillsborough 45 Nay
Vann, Ivy Democrat Hillsborough 24 Nay
Wall, Janet Democrat Strafford 6 Nay
Wallner, Mary Jane Democrat Merrimack 10 Nay
Ward, Gerald Democrat Rockingham 28 Nay
Weber, Lucy Democrat Cheshire 1 Nay
White, Andrew Democrat Grafton 13 Nay
Williams, Kermit Democrat Hillsborough 4 Nay



“Republicans” who voted against SB500 – Treat them like Democrats.

House Rep Party County District Vote
Dowling, Patricia Republican Rockingham 6 Nay
Katsakiores, Phyllis Republican Rockingham 6 Nay
Marsh, William Republican Carroll 8 Nay
Nelson, Bill Republican Carroll 5 Nay
Pierce, David Republican Hillsborough 6 Nay
Scruton, Matthew Republican Strafford 12 Nay
Willis, Brenda Republican Rockingham 6 Nay