Abortion is Not about 'Choice' - Granite Grok

Abortion is Not about ‘Choice’

bribeThe argument goes something like this. Women don’t have to have an abortion. They can choose what’s best for them. Their body, their choice.

This is a rare indulgence in a progressive realm whose agenda revolves around the State (meaning Democrats and the ruling class) deciding what you can and can’t do with your body.

But here’s another point. If abortion is a choice why can’t I choose not to pay for one?

Did I not labor for the dollars you take from me to give to private billion dollar organization like Planned Parenthood.

Why is it that my body means no choice?

Because it is not about bodies and choices. It is about pressure politics and millions in campaign contributions annually from groups like Planned Parenthood to Democrats that only happen if they make us pay for the consequences of other peoples’ sex lives.