Pine Tree Ramblings - Vol 7 - Granite Grok

Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 7

Pine TreeLet’s cut to the chase: “How many more of our children have to die before the government act[s]?”

We hear that a lot these days. People responding to the senseless deaths and injuries, sometimes occurring in schools.

“And we cannot save lives if we do not understand it”.

But these quotes aren’t coming from Americans.  And they aren’t a reaction to gun violence.

No, Britain, the Utopian gun-free paradise (just ask any celebrity) has a Knife problem.  Yes, a knife problem.

Ban guns!  Guess what?  People with issues or agendas will find the next available tool to commit their acts of evil.  Ban knives, they will pick up bottles.  Ban bottles, they will use forks….etc.

knife attackerBetween 2014-2016, the rate of children in London schools who carry knives rose by 50%.  The number of “knife offences” rose by 26%.

Here’s the thing.  It is harder to spot a school child carrying a knife than it is a gun.  Want to find out who’s got one?  Harden your schools using the same metal detectors needed to catch guns on their way into class.  You may even need to arm teachers with some tool of their own to stop a knife-wielding, SSRI-addled teen from killing a half-dozen of his fellow classmates as they stare into the abyss of their smartphone screen.

This is currently Britain’s real-world problem.

And before someone screeches that “you can’t kill a lot of people with a knife!“, remind them of the proof that you actually can, if you were psychotic enough.  Other examples herehereherehere and here.  Ironically, these cases all occurred in China and Japan, where private gun ownership is virtually non-existent.


In January, 2017, the British government released its quarterly crime report.  In it, they indicated that “knife crime in England and Wales had increased 11% on the previous year, while National Health Service data showed a 13% rise in hospital admissions for knife wounds.

“The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, called it a ‘wake-up call’.”

Sound familiar?

Looking further into that report, they make the following general assessments about crime in Great Britain:

“Police recorded crime showed continuing rises in a number of higher-harm violent offences that are not well-measured by the CSEW as they occur in relatively low volumes. This was most evident in offences of knife crime and gun crime; categories that are thought to be relatively well-recorded by the police. The occurrence of these offences tends to be disproportionately concentrated in London and other metropolitan areas.”

“Police figures also suggest rises in vehicle-related theft and burglary. These are offence types that are less likely to be affected by changes in policing activity and recording practice and are therefore likely to reflect some genuine increases. While these rises have not previously been reflected in the CSEW there are some signs that these increases in vehicle-related thefts may be beginning to appear in the latest estimates.”

Oh, but “fraud and computer misuse offences” dropped by 15%.  Jolly good show!

So, the next time someone tells you that “we need to do something“, ask them if they know why these shootings take place.  Ask them, “if we ban guns, don’t you think it’s possible that other tools will become weapons in their place?

knife bin

Then show them this article.

Oh, then cut your meat with a spoon.