Democrats make law-abiding people defenseless & criminals safer

James Earl Ray on Gun Controll

To The Daily Sun

The Great Mills High School shooting confirms the NRA’s claim that, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” Fortunately an armed responder was close enough to the shooter to prevent more casualties.

Since the Parkland school shootings, outcries by Democrats and other leftists have demanded new gun control laws on law-abiding people which wouldn’t have stopped the shootings at Great Mills, or anyplace else. In fact, Democrats vehemently oppose what probably saved lives at Great Mills, armed response in school able to quickly confront a shooter.

These Democrat actions reveal that the Democrats’ goal isn’t to save lives but to make law-abiding people vulnerable to criminals. Other evidence includes:

Obama’s Promise Program that stopped arresting student criminals (allowing Cruz and other criminals to legally buy guns), Obama’s early prison releases of thousands of criminals (including drug criminals despite our horrible drug problem), Obama’s refusal to deport tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals, Democrat protection of illegal alien criminals in sanctuary cities, Democrat soft treatment of criminals, Democrat gun control laws that make poor people defenseless, etc.

On March 14 students rallied in sympathy for the Parkland victims and for their own safety. Students were lied to about the Democrat policies and the law enforcement and school administration failures which enabled the Parkland massacre. Misinformed students are being coached and used to promote Democrat goals of disarming law-abiding Americans.

Hypocritically, anti-gun rally speakers Bernie Sanders, Gov. Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer had armed security. Democrat leaders demand for themselves what they deny to students in schools, effective armed security.

With the help of a complicit media Democrats divert attention from their own culpable policies and actions at Parkland, and blamed an inanimate object (gun), the NRA and other groups with no authority, responsibility, or influence over the events in Parkland.

In contrast to Democrats, the NRA teaches gun safety to help law-abiding Americans protect themselves, hunt, and engage in other lawful activities. The NRA advocates keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous mentally ill people and supports severe penalties for criminal gun use. The NRA has a school safety program and has worked to improve school safety in more than 150 schools. NRA policies and actions help law-abiding people be safer; Democrat policies make law-abiding people more defenseless and criminals safer.

Democrats should join Republicans in fully enforcing our existing laws. Remember, if proper law enforcement hadn’t been curtailed by Democrat policies, the Parkland massacre wouldn’t have happened and those 17 people would be alive.