And then there are other kinds of trolls. Like Donna Sawyer from Windham - Granite Grok

And then there are other kinds of trolls. Like Donna Sawyer from Windham

Donna SawyerLike Al Letizio and Dennis Senibaldi, here comes this MIT alum (or so says her email address). Out of the blue, I get this email from her (reformatted, emphasis mine):

From: “Donna Sawyer” <>
Cc: “Donna Sawyer” <>
Sent: 2/5/2018 6:08:59 PM
Subject: Granite Grok site and Windham School District image share from 2/1 article

Hi Skip and Op-Ed,

I hope all is well. I am a Windham, NH resident and I clicked on an article shared on social media bearing the Windham School District sign from 2/1, written by Op-Ed. I realize now this is not a WSD-endorsed article, but an article on your independent PoliGrok LLC site.

Your site shows signs of affiliate marketing. The Amazon links have a tag for “granitecom-20” which typically indicates the site will achieve a profit when folks use your links to purchase on Amazon.

A profit, she says.  That there’s right funny, I don’t care who you are.  Really, a profit?  Hahahaha!  No, that’s getting paid for getting eyeballs.

You also have a hyperlink at the bottom for If you are using affiliate marketing, can you please link me to your site’s affiliate marketing disclosure? I am unable to find it. If affiliate marketing is being used, consumers should be aware of it before they choose to share articles or purchase from the links (several Windham School District parents have shared the article already).

Thank you for the help. Best wishes,

Donna Sawyer
Windham, NH

Well, isn’t this just SPECIAL?  We have a post up, Windham School Board Approves Unconstitutional “BATHROOM BILL” Policy,  which has attracted a number of the usual kinds of trolls that can’t stand that we won’t agree with them and get nasty and nastier.  They hold that “oh, you just can’t stand the fact that we disagree with you”.  At some point, everyone else leaves because they can’t stand them.  Troll becomes a bit less miserable because he/she/it made other people miserable.  That’s what they do.

Then there is another kind of troll.  They hate you.  They hate us; Steve’s post is apropo. They just don’t want to argue, they don’t just want disagree with you, they don’t just want you to go away. They want to HURT you in some way.

Well isn’t this just SPECIAL?  Along comes Donna Sawyer; the timing is uncanny.  Now, our ‘Grok friends down in Windham are already warning us about this “self absorbed MIT educated liberal”.  Another said “I’ve had a run in with her before – a narcissist who thinks she’s better and more educated than you”.

Sidenote: Seriously, “Op-Ed”?

So, back to the email.  What is the thrust of her email?  I dunno about you but at first glance I certainly got the feeling of yet another SJW with a mindset of “nice site you got there; would be a shame if something were to happen to it“. That’s the feeling I got.  After all, out of the blue, somebody wants to go after our affiliation links?  Who does this unless something is afoot?  Again, the timing is just SO special, isn’t it? Who, out of the blue, starts asking about revenue sources?

Scum sucking ADA lawyers would be one guess – no, not the ones who really take a case that needs to be taken.  I’m talking about those “worse than ambulance chasers” that have made a fine living for themselves to filing hundreds of ADA lawsuits, not to make things right, but to make quite a living for themselves (everything else matters not a whit).  SJWs are often worse – they want to hurt you in some manner and there is no guilt afterwards.  I’ve watched it happen to others.  No, no guilt, just happiness.  Happiness that they have hurt others.  Yay for the “inclusive” dodge, eh?  The only guilt is if they don’t finish the job completely.  After all, they are only carrying out the [Progressive’s] Lord’s work, right?

So she slyly, smoothly, decided to ask about our affiliate statuses.

Maybe she should have a yak with Al and Dennis. To be continued.