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Ruling Class H8

Ruling ClassKurt Schlichter takes a much-deserved shot at the ruling class in his latest column and reminds us what we must never forget.

The most basic principle that has been dumped like a Kennedy’s girlfriend is the one the self-appointed establishment hates most. It is the notion that power derives from the consent of the governed, that those using that power answer to us Normals.

They hate that idea, and they reject it. Openly. Without apology.

The Trump election was a shift away from this ruling political class which has so much disdain for regular Americans.

Our establishment is mostly liberal, but with a loud, bitter geek chorus of Conservative, Inc., hacks braying along with their progressive overlords in the faint hope of being reinstated to their comfortable positions locked inside their Beltway gimp boxes once Donald Trump and the Normal rebels he represents are purged from the capital. Liberals are ruthlessly seeking to consolidate and expand their power. They are our enemy and must be defeated, but at least they have the dignity that comes from fighting. Not the Conservanerds. These embarrassing submissives, from the aspiring cruise directors to the fussy bow tie boys to the pearl-clutching sissies, all want this ruckus to die down

You could call them lapdogs, but people generally like dogs.

My only issue with the piece is the use of “Conservative” in the title. Conservative Inc, the “conservanerds” are (presumably) the neocons, who are not real Conservatives but progressive Republicans in the political class, more recently referred to as Never Trumpers. These folks are more comfortable dismissing illegal surveillance crimes by connected insiders (or any other crimes for that matter) to protect the ruling class ‘tribe.’ A cabal that includes the layers of offices and officers who serve as a “border wall” between the rulers and the ruled.

Which brings us to Schlichter’s purpose in bringing this up. The Devin Nunes memo and how the criminal ruling class and their media abettors will say and do anything to underwhelm it and as quickly as possible, dismiss it into the dustbin of short-term memory. But we must not allow this because,

Everything they say is a lie. Everything they do is to consolidate and defend their power over you.

Get woke.

See what they are doing. Understand that they weaponized your principles against you. Watch how the weak-willed, who refuse to accept that a substantial majority of the ruling establishment rejects the idea that they may only act with the consent of the governed, stand by and do nothing except nip at the ankles at those of us who speak the truth.

The truth is we owe the establishment nothing, not respect, not deference, and not obedience.

The defenders of the ruling class are not unlike Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition. Amongst their weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless (in)efficiency, and a fanatical devotion to…their own love affair with power.

To their belief that they do not answer to us.

The Ruling class/Deep State/Media cabal will not go quietly, have not been quiet. They scream and yell, have fits, call us names and have, since the elevation of Mr. Trump, made themselves easier to identify.

It will get worse and may not get better for many years, but there is no other way short of armed rebellion.

We’re not there yet. Not yet.