I hate Trolls. I hate having to spend time on them. So, I won't - Granite Grok

I hate Trolls. I hate having to spend time on them. So, I won’t

Internet TrollsUPDATE: because of trolls, I have disabled GUEST commenting.  If you wish to comment here, you will need to open a public DISQUS account first. Apologies to our regular commenters – you may now need to verify your email addresses with DISQUS before continuing; see troll, above, if you want to blame someone.


And miserable is the operative word. As many of you know, we’ve been having a number of trolls coming in lately.  Now, I have no problem with those that disagree with me or other Groksters but it is clear that’s not why they are here. For years, I’ve had one rule for both authors and commenters:

Rule #1 – Adult themes, kid friendly.  Don’t post something that would cause little Johnny and Janie to run to Mommy and Daddy to ask “what does this mean?” because I’m the guy who gets the call or the email and I have better things to do.

Authors also have another rule to follow:

Rule #2 – write what you want.

Sure, we are a political and culture site for the most part, but if something amuses you, have at it.  Back to the troll problem.  Because of these folks, I am now forced to add two new rules:

  • Rule #3 – Don’t be a troll
  • Rule #4 – We need to be able to see your DISQUS home/account page

You can disagree with us – we have several liberal / progressive folks that have for years.  We like them a lot, seriously (yes, you Bruce, and yes, Timothy (well, 1/2 the time anyways) ). Get militant with us – you’re a troll.  Taunt us – you’re a troll.  Swear at us – you’re a troll  My decision, my “crossed over the line” determination. To the second (#4), If I can’t find/see you in DISQUS, that’s a problem.

Violating either or both and I will ban you.  I have other tools as well that are employed from time to time and I have no problem in using them or banning those that don’t pay attention.  Screaming at me (figuratively) won’t help your cause, either, in a comment or by email.  Like I said, I have better things to do.  This is MY house, not your’s.  You are a guest – it is up to you to decide if you become a valued guest or a pest that needs eradicating. We don’t do this to make money (in fact, it COSTS us (mostly me) money to run the site) so why waste our time on stuff (and people) we don’t enjoy?

Our first decision will be our final decision.

I hate the fact that I have to add new rules, but so be it. These are both effective immediately and in some cases, retroactively.  Again, our site, our whims, our decisions.  Trolls, if you don’t like it, well, too bad.